Recall Alert: 3 Recalls Issued By Ford and Lincoln for Over 25,000 Vehicles

Over 25,000 Ford and Lincoln vehicles are involved in three separate recalls. The three recalls are for the Lincoln MKX and Nautilus models, and for the Ford F-650, F-750, Escape, and Transit models. Thankfully, no injuries have been reported as of yet relating to each recall concern.

A white Lincoln Nautilus sits on a brick driveway.
2019 Lincoln Nautilus | Ford Motor Company

The first recall: Wiring harness abrasion for 2016-2020 Lincoln MKX and Nautilus

A wiring harness for the 16-way power seats that runs between the front seats of 2016-2020 Lincoln MKX and Nautilus models may not have enough slack. So, the wiring harness may inadvertently wear from rubbing with the seat cushion frame. This may cause the airbag not to perform as expected in the event of an accident where deployment would typically occur.

This is the largest of the three recalls. It is for 19,299 vehicles in the United States. There are also 4,262 affected units sold in Canada and 1,023 in Mexico. The affected vehicles were built at the Oakville Assembly Plant. The recall reference number is 20S37.

A white F-750 dump truck on a roadway near a construction site.
Ford F-750 | Ford Motor Company

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The second recall: Thermal protection for 2021 F-650 and F-750

A select few 2021 F-650 and F-750 models built with the 7.3-liter engine do not have some thermal protection components installed. The parts are intended to protect the cabin floor of interior heat. According to the press release,

“These missing components may include an underbody heat shield, a thermal insulator patch under the floor mat, or covers for the seat bolts and seat pedestal. In vehicles built without these thermal protection components, the interior cabin floor and seat attachments could reach elevated temperatures during certain high-load, high ambient temperature driving conditions. Continuous skin contact with elevated temperatures may lead to skin irritation or a minor burn.”

This recall is for 1,299 vehicles in the United States. There are also 31 affected units sold in Canada. These vehicles were built at the Ohio assembly plant. The recall reference number is 20S36.

2020 Ford Escape Hybrid SE
Blue Ford Escape Hybrid SE | Ford

The third recall: Curtain airbags for 2020 Ford Escape and Transit vehicles

The curtain airbags on the 2020 Ford Escape and 2020 Ford Transit vehicles are the focus of this recall. In the event of deployment, the curtain airbags may not inflate properly. This may increase injury risk.

This recall is for 68 vehicles in the United States. There are also 12 vehicles sold in Canada. The Ford Escape models were built at the Louisville Assembly Plant. The Ford Transit vehicles were built at the Kansas City Assembly Plant. The recall reference number is 20S35.

The blue Ford logo on a chrome grill of a car.
Ford logo on a car | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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What Ford will do

Ford and Lincoln dealers will install or fix the associated parts with each of these recalls. If owners find themselves with one or more of these vehicles, they should contact the dealer to schedule an appointment for the fix. Any Ford or Lincoln dealer will be able to help. Also, the press release did not mention a delay in getting parts. So, it is conceivable that an owner can get a vehicle fixed right away, having everything that is necessary already handy for the service department to accomplish the task.