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Shoppers have lofty expectations of expensive vehicles. But luxury cars aren’t immune from recalls, and 2020-2021 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe owners are currently learning this lesson.

However, unlike most recalls, these sporty compacts don’t exhibit a defect. Instead, BMW didn’t meet an exact safety standard when assembling particular 2 Series models.

What’s the issue behind the recall, and which models will need to be updated? Let’s explore the latest news about this affordable luxury car.

Why is the 2020-2021 BMW 2 Series being recalled?

A grey 2021 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe driving on a city street
The 2021 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe in action | BMW

BMW failed to meet safety compliance standards when constructing particular 2 Series Gran Coupe models. If you own a 2020 or 2021 BMW 228i or M235i, your model might be affected.

Thankfully, these vehicles don’t feature a defective part, which is typically the cause of recalls. Instead, the issue stems from safety concerns with the power sunroof’s functionality. You shouldn’t be overly worried, but it can potentially cause injury if you use it without caution.

According to CNET, BMW recalled approximately 14,000 of these models because the sunroof doesn’t cease closing when the ignition turns off. For example, if you select the button to close the sunroof and quickly turn the car off, the sunroof remains in motion. This action violates the NHTSA’s Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS.) 

While this problem sounds trivial, it has an essential purpose. Someone’s arm, head, or body could potentially get stuck in the opening. And without the ability to hastefully turn off the power source, the glass could pinch or strangle the affected person.

What should you do if you own a 2020-2021 BMW 228i or M235i?

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe owners should keep an eye out for a letter through the mail. CNET reported that this recall notification should arrive by April 12, and it will provide further instructions.

Owners should expect to bring their affected 2020-2021 2 Series to a BMW dealership. There, a certified technician will apply a software update to the power sunroof, remedying the issue. Notably, the recall is voluntary. But we highly recommend taking the time to have the service completed – especially since it’s free of charge.

Should you keep the 2021 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe on your wishlist?

If you’ve researched this luxury car and already planned on buying it, then don’t let this recall dissuade you from purchasing one. BMW is quickly taking action to fix the 228i and M235i’s sunroof issue. So, new models might already be FMVSS compliant, and if not, BMW will address the problem quickly.

However, those still car shopping may wonder if they should consider purchasing a 2021 BMW 2 Series at all. Thankfully, we’re here to help, and we have plenty of resources to aid you.

Critics are split on the 2021 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe. This relatively affordable luxury car offers above-average reliability. This characteristic should alleviate some of the lingering concerns you may about the 2 Series’ recent recall.

However, some experts found flaws with the 2 Series Gran Coupe. You might determine that its performance and interior materials don’t live up to the BMW name. We recommend test-driving this luxury car and compare it to some alternatives. From there, you should get a better feeling of whether this luxury car is the right fit for you.


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