Recall: 2 Porsche Cayenne Recalls In 2 Days For Dangerous Gas/Oil Leaks

Two separate recalls in two days affecting 2019 and 2020 Porsche Cayennes were issued last week. The first was issued on May 18 and the second was issued on May 21. Both involve leaks but the one of most concern is the May 21 recall to prevent fires from fuel leaking. The recalls affect both US and Canadian Cayenne models. A fuel line quick-connector in the engine compartment can leak. It is located between the fuel tank and high-pressure pump which means fuel under pressure can spray onto the engine and surrounding components. If the engine is hot it could result in fire. 

Cayenne transmission oil pipes were not welded properly allowing trans fluid to leak

2020 Porsche Cayenne Turbo rear
2020 Porsche Cayenne Turbo rear | Porsche

The first recall is for leaking transmission fluid. Transmission oil pipes were not welded properly allowing trans fluid to leak onto the road when in use. The leak is substantial enough that it can cause “a very slippery surface for other vehicles.”

An error from a supplier caused some gearbox oil pipes to be manufactured with bad welds. A flange was not properly welded to the pipe due to it being made from the wrong material. A permanent connection between the two didn’t occur because of this. In 2019 an employee noticed the error and an investigation was opened. 

Risk analysis, as well as aging tests, were conducted and it was determined leaks would occur at the weld. Properly made pipes were introduced to fix the problem on the production assembly line. A dealer can determine if the oil pipe is faulty from the date on the tube’s label. 

Several Cayenne owners complained of gasoline odors coming from the engine compartment

As for the gas leak, Porsche was first made aware of the potential hazard in 2019 in Europe. Several owners complained of gasoline odors coming from the engine compartment. A dealer diagnosed that the leak came from the quick-connect connector. 

It was determined cracks were forming at weld lines of the connectors from a combination of high heat in the engine compartment and materials weakness. By September 2019 Porsche started receiving complaints from US owners as well. Monitoring and testing revealed the cracks in the connectors resulting in this recall from last week. 

2020 Porsche Cayenne
2020 Porsche Cayenne | Porsche

If you are an owner and have a concern about your own Cayenne or are experiencing similar problems you can call your dealer or Porsche customer service at 800-767-7243. The reference number for the gasoline leak is ALA4.

Owners of affected Cayennes may also experience a transmission warning light

Besides transmission fluid on the ground, owners of the affected Cayennes may also experience a transmission warning light. If you call Porsche customer service or your dealer the reference number is ALA5. 

The Porsche Cayenne has seen consumer complaints fall off sharply from a high in 2004 and 2011. While the 2011 Cayenne received the most complaints in recent years 2004 is considered worse because the problems for owners started when the car had fewer miles. Also, the repair costs to fix problems were more expensive. 
The 2011 Cayennes experienced a large number of complaints about the engine shutting off frequently according to Car Complaints.

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