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When the economy is feeling the pinch, the importance of truckers always seems to make the news. It is true that when those trucks are not on the road, the pinch is far worse. Consider these three reasons truck drivers are so essential, and thank your favorite truck driver for their hard work and sacrifice. 

Truckers deliver goods

A truck driving sitting in his truck, showing people that truck drivers are important and vital to every day life.
Truck driver | Getty Images

Almost everything you buy at the store or online has been inside a tractor-trailer that traveled a long distance to its final destination. Have you noticed the bare shelves at the store? While truckers are not to blame for supply chain problems, the shelves would be much emptier if the trucks weren’t running the overtime hours they already do. 

Allstate Peterbilt offers a few scenarios of how truckers affect our lives in their work delivering goods.  

  • There wouldn’t be anyone delivering food, bottled water, cleaning supplies, and paper products to stores all over the country. 
  • Scientists and researchers who work tirelessly to find cures to deadly diseases couldn’t do their work effectively and quickly if truck drivers weren’t delivering their essential supplies. 
  • First responders wouldn’t have the necessary supplies to save lives during emergencies. The work of first responders and truckers never stops. 
  • Hospitals require a steady stream of supplies, and truckers make those deliveries. It is especially imperative during times of crisis, such as high hospitalizations due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

 Truckers connect businesses 

It doesn’t matter where you live to do business with another business in our modern society. You can be on separate coasts and do business with someone with the click of a mouse. There’s more logistics than that, and we can thank truckers for their part in it. 

Before interstates and trucks, doing business was relegated to areas much closer to you. It made sense because you couldn’t afford the time it took to get supplies. If you ordered supplies from a much farther location, you knew it would take a very long time to get to you. 

Now we have the luxury of truck drivers. HDS Truck Driving Institute says, “Commercial truck drivers deliver much-needed supplies, equipment, and other materials to businesses that are located in far-off locations across the entire country.”

Truckers make a large workforce 

A healthy economy needs for most people to be employed full time with steady salaries. The trucking industry is constantly growing thanks to being essential workers and keeping our economy moving forward. Trucking companies can provide a stable income to drivers of all ages. As our society moves faster, the need for eligible drivers will only grow.

Trucks are such a normal part of our lives that we often don’t notice them on the roads. This is a good and bad thing. On the one hand, if they are doing their jobs well, we don’t necessarily have to notice them. On the other hand, these truckers rarely get the appreciation they deserve. 

If truckers stopped their trucks completely today, the ramifications would be intense. We couldn’t get gas in our cars or groceries in our homes. Hospitals would run out of supplies and couldn’t provide care. Relief workers couldn’t bring bottled water and supplies in the event of a disaster. The list could go on and on. 

Please take note of those trucks as they drive by you in town or on the interstate. They do their part daily to keep our lives as comfortable as possible. 


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