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One of the best cars in the Nissan lineup is the Rogue, and this can be seen by the many positive reviews that car critics have given it. That being said, owners of the compact crossover SUV have mixed opinions about the SUV, and there are a couple of areas where owners and car critics agree. The 2023 Nissan Rogue’s infotainment system is one of those areas as both owners and car critics don’t like it. 

Side view of beige 2023 Nissan Rogue crossover SUV
2023 Nissan Rogue | Nissan

This is what real owners of the 2023 Nissan Rogue liked about their car

Every year, J.D. Power sends out a survey to thousands of car owners. This is a part of the site’s APEAL study, and like many other similar studies, the APEAL study aims to get data from verified owners about their thoughts on their new cars.

The study found that 49% of car shoppers who bought a brand-new Rogue were women, and that’s significantly above the segment average of 38%. 

The median age of someone who bought a brand-new Rogue was 57 years, and that’s not far from the segment average of 54 years. The most important part about the study, however, asked owners to rank their favorite aspects of their cars.

There were 10 categorize to rank, and the Nissan SUV’s best attribute was its exterior styling.

Owners also liked how it felt to drive their SUV, as well as how safe they felt when they were in the SUV. Drivers enjoyed the process of getting in and out of their car, and they also liked the way that Nissan designed the SUV’s cabin.

Owners and critics disliked the 2023 Nissan Rogue’s infotainment system

On the other hand, setting up and starting the Rogue was an area that drivers didn’t enjoy very much. Owners also didn’t feel very comfortable when they were driving the car. The compact SUV’s powertrain and fuel economy were other areas that owners didn’t enjoy very much.

One of the worst aspects about the Rogue, however, was its infotainment system. Owners ranked the car’s infotainment system as its second worst attribute.

That’s a critique that the car critic agrees with, as J.D. Power’s independent expert had a lot of issues with the car’s infotainment system. The Japanese automaker did make some improvements to the SUV’s infotainment system with the 2023 model year, but the car critic doesn’t think that it was enough.

This was largely because the updates were relatively minor. For example, the automaker added Amazon Alexa Auto compatibility to the 2023 model year. 

This is what’s wrong with the SUV’s infotainment system

While Amazon Alexa Auto can be a useful feature, it doesn’t solve the issues that the independent expert had with the infotainment system. In particular, the voice recognition system was subpar.

It couldn’t properly recognize several prompts that were given to it, and when it did recognize the prompts, sometimes it’d give a vague answer that may ultimately be unhelpful to drivers. 

An example of that was when the independent expert asked the infotainment system to give directions to the closest hospital. It understood the request, but it gave a list of a wide variety of medical facilities, including a veterinarian and an assisted-living center. The car critic also didn’t like how the Rogue’s infotainment system meshed with its interior design.

When owners opt for certain cabin style choices, such as tan leather upholstery, it can create some glare on the touch screen. Another issue that the site had with the Nissan’s infotainment system simply comes down to disappointment. The 2023 Nissan Altima has a much smoother infotainment system, so it’s disappointing that the 2023 Rogue doesn’t have a similar one.