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Do you live in an area that gets doused with snow throughout the winter? Are you tired of getting out the snow shovels to clear your driveway, sidewalk, and patio? There may be a less conventional solution that makes clearing snow from your driveway fun. A YouTuber recently shared that he used his fleet of RC trucks to connect plows and snow blowers, making this mundane task more fun than ever before.

Clear snow from your driveway with RC plows and snow blowers

According to The Drive, a YouTuber named Henry has a few different RC trucks that he put to work this winter. First, he uses a Traxxas TRX4 with the body of a classic Ford Bronco. The Bronco has a snowplow attached on the front and can scrape about an inch or so at a time. Thanks to a 5.5 Ah battery, Henry can use the plow for up to 2 hours without recharging.

Next, he uses a Traxxas TRX6 outfitted with a Mercedes G63 6×6 body. This one comes with a snowblower attachment, capable of doing precisely what you think. Amazingly, it can chew up and spit out multiple inches of snow to neatly remove it from the driveway and deposit it somewhere else. The two RC trucks make the perfect working pair, as the Mercedes eliminates the bulk of the snow, then the Bronco sweeps up the excess leftover. Both machines do a surprisingly great job, enough to make any frequent shoveler jealous.

RC snow blower attachments

An RC Mercedes with a snow blower attachment clears a driveway of a winter dusting
RC Mercedes G63 snowblower | Henry’s RC Garage via YouTube

The Drive reported that Ryan Butler of Spyker Workshop designed the snowblower attachment. It uses a nozzle to direct snow into neat piles after sucking up several inches at a time. Butler is well-known in his area for clearing neighbor’s driveways with his larger RC snowblower designs. It seems to us like the perfect neighbor to make friends with.

Henry’s RC trucks are custom masterpieces perfect for the job

Like any good worker, Henry needs the right tools for the job. Luckily, his RC cars are hobby-grade rock crawlers with enough torque and traction to ensure they’ll drive in the snow. Please don’t buy a toy car from the store and expect it to perform like this. Pre-installed plows on RC cars are very expensive. The Drive reported some of the most excellent models could go for over $2,500.

Thankfully, paying that sort of premium will get you the best of the best. With great power comes great customizability. RC trucks and cars like Henry’s are easier to modify and upgrade than other types. Adding things like the ability to raise and lower the plow or activating the snowblower attachment is as easy as 3D printing some parts and making them work. You can even design other attachments if your creative juices are flowing.

The snow removal devices you didn’t know you wanted

An RC Ford Bronco with a snow plow attachment clears a driveway of snow in the winter
RC classic Ford Bronco with a snowplow | Henry’s RC Garage via YouTube

Henry’s models look incredible as his trucks are authentic replicas of the real thing. They’ve even got working lighting, which makes them a bit easier to find if left out in a snow storm. Very few people look forward to shoveling snow regularly—especially those who live in a cold climate where it’s necessary every few days or more. Having RC trucks and cars with snow plows and blowers attached might be the most ingenious idea we’ve seen. Although they’re a bit expensive, it could be worth it for some people.


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