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Toyota is shaking up the ever-controversial Supra once again. This time, in the form of an exclusive limited-run release for North America only. It’s not very often North America gets the spotlight with Japanese cars. Many famous Japanese badges are illegal until 25 years or older per U.S law. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with the Supra A91 CF Edition. In case you were wondering, CF does stand for “carbon fiber” here, and not “cloned from” as in Z4.

C for Carbon…

The duckbill spoiler on the white Supra CF
The Supra’s carbon rear spoiler | Toyota

There’s lots of it as well, with carbon visible from all four sides of the burly new sports car. It certainly lends a premium look to Toyota’s halo car, especially in the rear. Planted over the existing rear lip, a glossy new piece of carbon accentuates the shape of the rear deck. Not a bad look, but not the basket handle wing some were hoping for.

The carbon fiber doesn’t stop there either. Lower down the rear, the plastic canards were replaced with carbon ones, still helping to pull air out from under the Toyota sports car. On either side of the Supra, rocker panels have been replaced with more carbon fiber, bolstering the already aggressive look of the car. Finally, there’s a nice big carbon splitter at the front, along with some spicy new wheels at all four corners.

And F for fiber

Carbon fiber accents on the Supra CF's nose and runners
The Supra CF | Toyota

Moreover, these changes aren’t just to make the Toyota look pretty. The rear spoiler serves to increase downforce at the rear by upping the surface area of the spoiler. Whether this is true or just marketing mumbo-jumbo still isn’t clear yet, and Toyota hasn’t announced any figures to support these claims. However, if the rear aero is improved, it’s safe to say the rest of the car could see some minor performance increases with the new carbon bodywork.

One would hope, as nearly all of the media surrounding the CF edition show the newly debuted car in a wind tunnel. Speaking of the debut car, the white color shown above is one of three color options on the new CF edition. Other options include Phantom Grey (below) and Nitor Yellow. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the Nitro Yellow Supra in person yet, it’s hard to miss, and certainly a special color.

Worth it over a standard Toyota Supra?

The A91 Toyota Supra sits under the lights at an auto show
The standard 2020 Supra | Sjoerd van der Wal via Getty Images

Down to brass tacks, then. Is the “exclusive” Toyota Supra A91 CF Edition worth the extra cash over a standard model? Presently, the 2021 Supra can be found with 382 hp starting at $51,000 before options. The CF makes the same power, so it’s all about those aero changes, and whether they have any real effect on the car’s performance. Frankly, the pricing will make all the difference, and the Japanese brand has yet to announce any for the limited-run Supra. BMW or not, the new Supra is a handsome sports car with potent power and handling, and a little carbon fiber can’t hurt, cant it?


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