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The 1963 Corvette “split-window” is one of the most sought-after models for Corvette collectors. So, naturally, you wouldn’t expect to just stumble across one. This is especially true for a super clean example with low mileage. However, if this world has taught civilization anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. Even still, you’re sure to be taken aback by this one.

A Canadian car collector’s estate is selling off his collection

1963 Chevrolet Corvette rear shot displaying iconic split window rear end
1963 Chevrolet Corvette split-window | Chevrolet

According to Autoevolution, this gorgeous split window 1963 Corvette is part of an estate sale. The owner of this car died, leaving behind an array of vehicles and automotive memorabilia. His estate decided to put the collection up for auction on the Canadian auction site Hibid. The car is in Ontario, Canada.

This beautiful classic Corvette is in fantastic condition. According to the listing, it has only 40,902 miles. Though the mileage is not confirmed, the shape of the rest of the vehicle makes it entirely believable.

The listing also states that the engine is “possibly numbers matching.” So, it is an original 327 cubic-inch V8 one would expect to find in a 1963 Corvette. However, there is no official confirmation as to whether it’s the one that initially came in the car. Additionally, the interior components, including the seats, door panels, and gauge cluster, appear original.

The listing does outline that there are a couple of spots where repairs have been made. This includes the door jambs. However, the listing declares that it is in “overall original type condition.”

Without a doubt, this Corvette will pull a massive number. The auction has over 26 days remaining at the time of writing, and the high bid is already approaching $70,000 USD.

Why is the 1963 split-window model so expensive?

top view show of iconic 1963 Corvette rear split window assembly
The iconic split-window design | Chevrolet

1963 was a big year for the iconic Corvette. It was the first model year of the second-generation Corvette, the C2. Furthermore, it gave birth to one of the most iconic Corvette trims to this day; the Z06. Additionally, 1963 was the first year car shoppers could purchase a Corvette with air conditioning.

Most notably, though, the 1963 Corvette is unique because of the split rear window glass. It’s exceptionally rare because 1963 is the only year a Corvette ever came with it.

According to Hemmings, only 10,594 split-window coupes were ever built. Considering the amount that likely met their end via junkyards, crushers, and car crashes, that number must be way lower now. Often, you’ll see them fetch numbers high above $100,000 at auction. In fact, one of only 199 Z06 split-window coupes ever built sold at Mecum Auto Auctions earlier this year for over $500,000.

This particular model isn’t the ever-elusive Z06. However, it is still a superbly clean example of an exceptionally rare car. The bidding already scraping $70,000 with nearly a month to go tells the tale entirely. It wouldn’t be surprising to see this pristine example surpass the $200,000 mark or even more. It’s definitely one to keep your eyes on!


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