Ultra-Rare $13.2 Million Ferrari F40 Collection Gets Abandoned by the Royal Family in Brunei

The Ferrari F40 remains one of the most sought-after special-edition cars ever built by the Italian carmaker. As a result, this ultra-rare Ferrari’s value can sometimes be as high as $1 million. However, there is a collection of these worth over $13.2 million stashed away in Brunei.

According to a video posted by Car Throttle on YouTube, the secret collection of F40s likely sits abandoned today. This information is confirmed by Paolo Garella, former Pininfarina Prototype Manager, during the 1990s. As a result, Garella reportedly had first-hand experience building and customizing these rare cars for the Brunei royal family.

How many Ferrari F40 supercars does the royal family own?

An image of a red Ferrari F40 outdoors.
Ferrari F40 | Ferrari

Given these Ferrari F40 models’ ownership status, it is hard to pinpoint exactly how many of these cars exist. However, thanks to Garella, we know of at least 11 confirmed cars. According to Car Throttle, Ferrari produced all F40 models with the same specification, left-hand drive, red cloth seats, and Rosso Corsa exterior paint. However, Car Throttle reports that the royal family opted to modify their cars. As a result, they ended up with Garella at Pininfarina.

Out of these 11 cars, nine were standard Ferrari F40 models. However, two were the racing-inspired LM model. Of the standard cars, Garella reports that at least seven of them received a right-hand drive conversion. These cars also received significant updates such as air conditioning, upgraded stereo, and leather seats. The remaining two standard F40 models received upgraded interiors but remained left-hand drive.

Of the two Ferrari F40 LM models, only one received modifications with a black exterior finish and a single red stripe. Aside from these interior modifications, these cars were all finished with different exterior colors. These include red, yellow, gray, black, and green, to name a few.

There is a stockpile of extra parts

Since a royal family owns these Ferrari F40 examples, it is almost impossible to know how the royals used them. However, Car Throttle reports that the royal family ordered a massive stockpile of extra parts. As you’d expect, this fact sparked a rumor that the royals drove the cars so hard that they constantly needed extra parts.

However, thanks to Garella, we know that these rumors are false. Garella reportedly told Car Throttle that most of these Ferrari F40 models currently sit abandoned with little to no mileage on the clock. The only time these cars went out on the road was for a mechanic to test drive them after repairs. Car Throttle reports that back in the 1990s, these cars weren’t allowed to be in a state of disrepair.

That’s where the parts stockpile comes in. To avoid long wait times, the royal family reportedly kept extra parts around for this massive fleet of cars.

Where are these F40’s today?

An image of a red Ferrari F40 outdoors.
Ferrari F40 | Ferrari

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Unfortunately, Car Throttle reports that most of these Ferrari F40 examples currently sit abandoned in Brunei. Since they were never driven, these cars are likely in pristine condition in a secret garage.

However, a few of these cars managed to move on to new homes. For starters, one of the LM models sold before arriving in Brunei in the first place. In terms of the standard cars, the yellow and gray examples managed to find new owners. Unfortunately, the rest weren’t so lucky.