Raptor Killing Ram TRX Launch Teased to Steal Ford Thunder

Today is a day that Ford fans have been looking forward to for months. June 25th was marked as the date for the new Ford F-150 reveal. But, not to be forgotten, rival Ram teased one of their products to stir the pot a little. The backyard one-ups-manship shenanigans have begun. Ford has not responded.

2017 Ram Rebel TRX Concept side
2017 Ram Rebel TRX Concept | FCA

The rivalry of pickup trucks

For years Ram has been working on a Ford Raptor killer. Rumors have swirled as to what Ram had up their sleeves to do so. Today, on the same day as the F-150 reveal, Ram teased that their TRX will be announced this Summer, attempting to steal some of Ford’s thunder for the day.

The statement made by the tease was clear, Ford has a new pickup, but Ram has a pickup coming that is more powerful than Ford the Raptor. Did you catch the name? TRX. As in, Tyrannosaurus Rex. You know, T-Rex. As in, bigger than the Raptor, or eats Raptors for lunch.

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What we know about the TRX

The new Ram TRX would not have been called a TRX without something that makes it stand out against the Raptor. That outstanding defining thing is the 6.2-liter, supercharged, V8, Hellcat engine. That is right. A Ram will be getting the Hellcat powerplant, all 700+ horsepower. For comparison, the Raptor only has 450 horsepower. That is not a small number. But 700 is more.

The teaser says the truck will be announced this Summer. Also, we know that car dealers are already getting their notice of allocations. Allocations typically mean that dealerships can start receiving them in the near future, in theory. That could conceivably be within the next couple of months if the pandemic does not cause another fiasco.

2017 Ram Rebel TRX Concept rear
2017 Ram Rebel TRX Concept | FCA

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Other Ram dress-up goodies

Our friends at TFLTruck truck have also been keeping track of the TRX developments. They have been able to discover,

“SRT-themed touches like red stitching, TRX badges, perforated leather steering wheel and shift knob and even a T-Rex devouring a Raptor [embossed] in the center console. Because, you know, having a several-hundred horsepower advantage isn’t subtle enough.”

Chevrolet, Ford, and Ram pickups

Rivalries are good for the pickup truck market. They encourage competitors to try and come up with a better product for the consumer. Each time they do, it inspires the other competitors to outdo the other again. So, ultimately, the consumer ends up winning with better and better products year after year. In this case, Ford’s Raptor has been the king of the hill for a few years. Ram will now step up to take that title. But, before people forget, Chevrolet is also out there. They are working their own mechanical concoction to come out swinging with, possibly called the ZRX.

In essence, people love their pickup trucks. While muscle cars were the things with the most horsepower in the past, now pickups are starting to have their own horsepower wars. The end result is customers will have tire-shredding capability in vehicles that can take care of their families, as well as handle gear, equipment, and supplies for whatever else it is needed for. I’ll take one of each, a Raptor, a TRX, and a ZRX.