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Rappers really know how to live it up, especially when it comes to what they drive. Rapper Quavo of the hip-hop supergroup the Migos got a West Coast Customs exclusive Tesla Model X custom. The Tesla Model X is already considered a luxury SUV, but Quavo’s design idea and the crew at West Coast Customs took the Model X electric vehicle to the next level.

Quavo’s Model X gets a killer bloody red paint job

The interior of Quavo's custom red Tesla Model X.
Quavo’s custom red Tesla Model X interior | West Coast Customs YouTube channel

Quavo and the Migos are killing the game, so the Grammy-nominated recording artist wanted his Tesla Model X to reflect that. The Migos frontman purchased a new Model X and told Ryan Friedlinghaus of West Coast Customs that he wanted it bloody red with hints of chrome.

Ryan and the West Coast Customs team completely disassembled the Tesla Model X to ensure every panel was coated in candy paint and redo the interior. The Model X’s interior was customized with real red leather and diamond stitching. It also got an awesome new sound system with West Coast Custom exclusive subs.

Telsa Model Xs are luxury vehicles, but this custom took things up a notch. The cabin was equipped with red stars in the ceiling. The wheels were replaced with chrome Forgiatos. In just a month, the West Coast Customs team made the superstar’s dream a reality and transformed the Model X from simple to extravagant.

Is the Tesla Model X worth the price?

A red 2017 Tesla Model X electric vehicle.
The Tesla Model X | National Motor Museum/Heritage Images via Getty Images

Quavo’s custom Tesla is way beyond most of our budgets, but what about a stock Tesla Model X? Is one of Tesla’s most expensive models really worth the price? Tesla prices are constantly fluctuating. Currently, the 2021 Model X Long Range is listed at $94,990. The Model X Plaid is listed at $119,990.

Tesla Model X SUVs are extremely expensive. They do, however, come with some pretty unique specs and features. The Long Range trim is estimated to go a whopping 360 miles on a single charge using its dual motors. Most automakers are struggling to reach 300 miles of range for EVs, so 360 miles is pretty impressive. It also can do 0-60 miles per hour in just 3.8 seconds.

The Plaid trim has less range at 340 miles per single charge. This is still impressive, but battery range isn’t the Model X Plaid’s strong suit, speed is. The Model X Plaid can go 0-60 miles per hour in a mere 2.5 seconds. It uses a tri-motor system. It’s also important to note that both trims are standard all-wheel drive models.

So, is the luxury electric SUV worth its hefty price tag? If you have the money to spend, the Model X has many exclusive highlights to offer. The extraordinary electric vehicle comes with an extraordinary price, so it depends on how much you value speed and battery range in an EV.

The Model X is a great luxury electric vehicle

A white 2021 Tesla Model X driving down a highway.
2021 Tesla Model X | Tesla

Electric vehicles have often been accused of being impractical or weak. The Tesla Model X proves that electric vehicles can be luxurious, powerful, and even faster than some gas-powered vehicles. The Model X may not be within everyone’s price range, but it has taken electric vehicles to new heights.

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