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After launching in the 2021 model year, the Volkswagen ID.4 will add more powerful models to its lineup for 2022. These are the all-wheel drive Pro and Pro S versions, which add quite a bit of power. As we inch closer to the end of 2021 and into the era of 2022 model year sales, Volkswagen has revealed the new ID.4 AWD Pro and Pro S EPA estimate for range and efficiency, as well as pricing. The SUV gets a bit more power, but will that drive the cost up too high for most consumers?

AWD Pro and Pro S range and efficiency

Driver's side front angle view of blue 2021 Volkswagen ID.4
2021 Volkswagen ID.4 | Volkswagen

The AWD Pro and Pro S ID.4 are equipped with the same battery pack as the rear-wheel-drive versions. Though the RWD ID.4 has a single rear-axle mounted motor, the AWD Pro gains a front-axle mounted motor as well. The results from adding a second motor are what you’d expect. The AWD Pro and Pro S get up to 295-hp from the RWD’s 201. A rather large leap in horsepower, if that kind of strength is what you’re looking for in an SUV, the Pro variants are the obvious choice. More power means more fuel, right? So how does that affect the range of the ID.4?

As you might’ve been able to guess, the range is lower for the AWD Pro and Pro S models. The rear-wheel-drive Pro and Pro S get an EPA estimated 260 and 250 miles of range, respectively. The new all-wheel drive versions will be down to 249 for the Pro and 240 for the Pro S. Only a roughly 10-mile loss for both variants of the ID.4, it isn’t enough to chase most people away. Chances are, if you’re down to only 10 miles left on a single charge, you’re going to try your best to recharge before it hits zero. It would certainly be nice to get that extra range, but it isn’t a complete deal-breaker. The least worrisome is the AWD Pro and Pro S bring down the MPGe to a combined 97 MPGe. This is only down from 99 MPGe with the rear-wheel-drive version.

Volkswagen ID.4 pricing

A blue Volkswagen ID.4 AWD Pro drives through the snow
2021 Volkswagen ID.4 AWD Pro | Volkswagen

Firstly, the Volkswagen ID.4 starts at just $39,995 for the standard rear-wheel drive Pro model. The 1st Edition puts it up to $43,995, and the Pro S comes in highest at $44,495. After adding the second motor and the horsepower that comes along with it, we don’t think the all-wheel drive versions are too badly priced. The 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 AWD Pro starts at $44,870, and the AWD Pro S will start at $49,370. The AWD Pro comes in at a $4,875 increase over the RWD Pro, and the Pro S goes up by the same amount over the RWD Pro S. A nearly $5,000 jump will get you all-wheel drive which is important for many SUV owners, especially those who live in often snowy or rainy areas. The more expensive AWD versions also add optional 20-inch wheels, along with some tech and convenience features.

The Volkswagen ID.4 is a great electric SUV option for anyone needing a family car. The price is reasonable, especially compared to other electric vehicles in its class. Those in need of more tech features, as well as the traction control AWD provides, won’t have to pay excessively more for these AWD Pro and Pro S versions. The Volkswagen ID.4 AWD Pro and Pro S versions arrive during the fourth quarter of 2021, but reservations are being taken by Volkswagen right now if you’re interested.


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