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The Ram brand is committed to serving its community and that includes its most patriotic. For those currently serving and those who have already given their service, Ram is coming out with a special edition truck just for you. The Ram 1500 Built to Serve edition will honor the country’s Armed Forces’ members and don’t worry, it will be here soon. 

Ram shows support for the military with a special edition truck

According to Car and Driver, Ram has announced its commitment to honoring those who serve by creating a line of special edition trucks for the 2020 model year. These special edition trucks “will honor those who are currently serving or have served in the five branches of the United States military.”

Ready to roll out in the month of November (in honor of Veteran’s day), the 2020 Built to Serve edition Ram 1500 will be produced in five editions, one to honor each branch of the military.

Each edition will represent a branch of the military and each will have choices between two main color options, specific to that military branch. Ram’s plan is to roll the Built to Serve trucks out to customers one branch at a time, with a limited amount available for each branch. The Built to Serve edition can be matched to any Ram body style and powertrain, according to Fox News.

How the Ram 1500 Built to Serve edition honors our troops

The Ram 1500 Built to Serve will feature patriotic-themed aesthetics and unique performance additions. As stated above, each of the five editions comes in one of two colors specific to that particular military branch. According to AutoBlog, each of the five Built to Serve trucks will be available in the following color choices and limited build numbers:

  • Gator (1,000) and Diamond Black (1,000) to honor the Army
  • Ceramic Gray (1,000) and Patriot Blue (1,000) to honor the Navy
  • Anvil (1,000) and Billet Silver (1,000) to honor the Air Force
  • Tank (1,000) and Flame Red (1,000) to honor the Marines
  • Spitfire (500) and Bright White (500) to honor the Coast Guard

All Built to Serve trucks will be easily distinguishable from other Ram 1500s, by not just its unique color, but also the U.S. flag/Built to Serve decals on its exterior.

It also features statement-making exterior features coated in a powder black. The Ram 1500 Built to Serve has a unique, black grille, as well as black exhaust tips, bumpers, badges, and side steps. On the interior, each Built to Serve truck will also have brand-specific stitching that contrasts the color chosen. Even the upgraded, 20-inch aluminum wheels will be finished in a cool gray.

According to Ram’s website, the 2020 Ram 1500 Built to Serve edition will have more than Patriotic aesthetics. It will also an off-road package that includes all-terrain tires, heavy-duty shock absorbers, a locking rear differential, raised ride height, tow hooks, and hill-descent control. In addition, the interior will even feature velcro panels on the front sides of the seats for service patches. 

Special pricing and availability for a special edition truck

The Ram 1500 Built to Serve edition will be launched one “branch” at a time, consecutively every three months. There will only be 1,000 made in each color for each branch, though the Coast Guard edition will only be made in 500 of each color.

But for a limited edition truck, these numbers are impressive. Limited availability aside, the price of the Built to Serve Ram may be the most surprising fact. The Ram brand wanted to ensure the Built to Serve edition would be as accessible to servicemen and women as possible. This incredible, military-honoring truck will only cost $2795 more than the standard price of Ram 1500.