Ram Rebel TRX: New Details Emerge on Raptor Competitor

Ram has been teasing consumers and the press with its Rebel TRX concept truck since 2016. It has been developed to fight the Raptor model from the cross-town rival, Ford. Aside from the concept prototype, nothing has really been seen of the truck aside from a few spy shots of the interior that surfaced last month. However, a development mule was just spotted by spy photographers who were also able to grab some footage of the truck.

A Ram 1500 Rebel TRX pickup on display at an auto show.
Ram 1500 Rebel TRX | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

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Delayed reveal plans

Before the global pandemic, there were signs that the Ram Rebel TRX might finally be revealed in production trim at one of the major auto shows earlier this year. But, show cancellations and postponements due to COVID-19 scuttled those big car show plans. Instead, the truck is expected to be revealed in a streaming event at the FCA Proving Grounds at the end of June, possibly as a 2021 model year vehicle. 

Dealer allocations

Since then, we have also recently learned that dealerships are getting their notifications of allocations for the truck. To clarify, a dealer can not typically order as many as they want of a limited run vehicle. They are usually allotted a certain amount of units of the special vehicle, in this case, the RAM Rebel TRX, based on the sales volume of the dealership. For a dealer to be notified that allocations are rolling out, suggests that the pickup truck will be arriving within a few months to showrooms.

2017 Ram Rebel TRX Concept pickup rear
2017 Ram Rebel TRX Concept rear | FCA

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Hood bulges and a mystery grill

The concept truck from 2016 was built upon the Ram Classic body style and was powered by a Hellcat engine. The new Rebel TRX is expected to be based on the new body style. However, along with the new body style, the truck is expected to have its own unique grill and hood. In the footage that was just obtained by our friends at TFL Truck, there is definitely a slight hood bulge and a suggestion of extra hood venting. The grill design, however, is still a mystery. 

Here is the video footage and the pics.

Traditional gear shift selector

The new pictures of the Ram’s interior show that the rotary gear selector is gone. It has been replaced with a more traditional console-mounted gear selector. Also, on the console, there is an easter egg, much like FCA has been known to sprinkle through its other vehicles. This one shows a section of the console with the imprint of a tyrannosaurus rex towering over a smaller raptor dinosaur. That is a not so subtle message to Ford. 

TRX traditional gear shift assembly
TRX traditional gear shift assembly | TFL Truck

Trailer Steering

The other big news from the spy photographers is that the Rebel TRX will have a trailer steering dial. This suggests that the truck will have the ability to self-steer in reverse with a trailer once the trailer steering system is engaged. Other than the appearance of the dial, there has been no confirmation from FCA on this. 

Other things we knew from before

  • Interface will include Drag Timers
  • Launch Control will be available
  • Full-Time four-wheel drive only
  • Traction control available
  • Hill descent control available
Ram Rebel TRX pickup instrument cluster
Ram Rebel TRX Instrument Cluster shows a Drag Timers display | TFL Truck

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At initial glance, all these things come together to form a picture of a formidable competitor to the Raptor. What remains to be seen is the performance statistics of the Ram Rebel TRX. We will have to wait for the official reveal in June to find out, unless there are other leaks that come out prior. In the meantime, many people are chomping at the bit to finally see Ram’s new truck.