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The Ram ProMaster and Ford Transit might be two vans designed for hauling cargo or passengers, but that has not stopped folks from making them their own. Among the #VanLife crowd, the ProMaster and Transit are popular options for conversion vans. At the moment, it seems like Ford is taking the hint, by offering the 2023 Ford Transit Trail. Ram has yet to deliver an answer. 

What is the Ford Transit Trail van?

The 2023 Ford Transit Trail is a variant of Ford’s full-size van designed specifically for upfitting. If you are interested in a camper van conversion, this model likely comes as good news. Because Ford has made specific changes to the Transit, it means those components are covered by its warranty. 

A 2023 Ford Transit Trail shows its rugged styling as a camper van.
2023 Ford Transit Trail | Ford

The changes Ford has made include an onboard AC inverter, fuse panel, dual alternators, and more. If you’re familiar with the camper van conversion process, you probably know dealing with things like electric is not the most fun part of the build. And, it’s nice to get peace of mind from a Ford-backed warranty. 

According to Car and Driver, the 2023 Ford Transit Trail will benefit from a lift, all-terrain tires, and a four-wheel drive system. All of which should help prepare this van for whatever adventure you intend to take it on. 

Does Ram make a camper van?

Unlike Ford, Ram does not currently offer a ProMaster camper van trim. But, if the Transit Trail sees legitimate success, it is hard not to imagine FCA wanting to get in on the action. The Ram ProMaster has plenty of aftermarket support for a camper van conversion. You just can’t get those changes made directly from Ram. 

In fact, there are companies that will sell you a Ram ProMaster that has already been converted. And that will save you from having to do a lion’s share of the work. For those that want to get into #VanLife without as big of a commitment, that is likely the ideal route. 

The Ram ProMaster can still be a camper van

Although Ram does not have a dedicated camper van in production yet, that does not mean the ProMaster is not up to the task. Ram has given its full-size van more standard bells and whistles than the Transit, so that is something to consider when making your pick for a conversion van. 

A group of 2023 Ram ProMaster models sit outside of a building.
2023 Ram ProMaster | Ram

The ProMaster does offer slightly more power than the Transit as well. At the same time, you can’t get this van with 4WD or even AWD. And that is a serious disadvantage when compared to the Ford Transit. Especially in terms of being a camper van. 

At the end of the day, whatever van you choose for conversion is up to you. But, with Ford offering a Transit that comes ready for upfitting, it seems like it might make more sense for folks to go with the Transit Trail. If you want to build a camper van from the ground up, the Ram ProMaster can provide you with that experience.


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