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Ram just issued a big recall for its big Ram HD trucks. This takes in Ram’s heavy-duty trucks, so it encompasses the range of trucks from the 2500 to 5500, including chassis-cabs. The thing is, it’s a very easy fix for virtually all Ram owners. Nonetheless, if owners prefer, they can take their trucks into a local Ram dealership for the fix.

Why is there a Ram HD recall?

2019 Ram 3500
2019 Ram 3500 with trailer | Stellantis

The recall is for windshield wiper arms that may be loose. If they are loose, it could affect their efficiency when there’s rain. The fix? Tightening the nuts holding the wiper arms to the wiper motor. It affects 2019 and 2020 model year trucks. 

Ram will perform the fix for free, but making an appointment and having to leave it at the dealership is a pain. We’d suggest making the fix yourself, then take it to the dealer, have them check to see they’re secure, and have them sign off on them right there. This way the truck will hopefully have a clean record of participating in all recalls that may befall the truck. 

At the beginning of March recall notices go out. If and when you do set up an appointment give the dealership number assigned to the recall which is Z08. But is this really what this is all about?

Is this a scam by Ram to sell owners a new Ram?

2020 Ram 3500
2020 Ram 3500 | Stellantis

Some are suggesting that this is merely a mechanism for getting you into a dealer, so it can sell you a new truck. As cynical as we are, that seems highly specious. The NHTSA, in conjunction with vehicle manufacturers, has to investigate, review, and then issue a recall. The expense to organize a recall and notify owners is not worth it for the potential of someone being upsold. 

As for these Ram heavy-duty trucks, there have been a number of recalls. For the 2020 model alone there have been five recalls issued, and seven affecting 2019 2500-5500 Ram trucks. Some of the recalls take in both model years. 

Those 2019 and 2020 trucks equipped with the Cummins 6.7-liter Turbo Diesel engine have had two recalls related to fuel delivery. Fuel pump failures caused a recall in 2021 for 2019-2020 Ram diesel trucks. The other was for potential fuel leaks in 2019 HD Ram trucks only. 

Many Ram HD recalls, but not as many as Ford or Chevy

2020 Ram 3500
2020 Ram 3500 | Stellantis

Potential brake failures cause a recall in August 2019 for new Ram HD trucks. Seals in the brake caliper might swell from using the wrong brake fluid during assembly. This could result in the brakes heating up and/or failing. 

Accessory bed step failures from side loads prompted a recall.  Both were also recalled in early-2020 over excess pressure in the automatic transmission causing fluid to escape through the dipstick. Also in 2020, both 2019 and 2020 Ram HD trucks were issued a recall over problems with the backup camera screen inside of the truck. 

But overall from customer satisfaction surveys, the heavy-duty Ram trucks score well. And there have been fewer recalls for these trucks than for either Ford or Chevy HD trucks.


Recall Alert: Ram Heavy-Duty Trucks Are Catching on Fire