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Ram is already last to the party with its new Ram 1500 Revolution electric half-ton truck, now; it seems the same is true for the midsize variation. It’s been more than 12 years since Ram offered a midsize truck, and that was under the previous Dodge name. The Dodge Dakota gave us a powerful pickup with the desired rugged toughness, but the new Ram midsize electric truck might be completely different.

What does the new Ram midsize electric truck offer that other midsize trucks don’t include?

Ram 1500 Revolution Concept Revealed at CES in January
Ram 1500 Revolution Concept Revealed at CES in January | Ram

Currently, there aren’t any fully electric midsize pickups in the market, but we expect a few to arrive soon. Ram could be the first brand to the market in this class, but no release date for this new midsize pickup has been announced. Still, the new midsize Ram truck appears to take styling cues from the Ram 1500 EV pickup. This strongly differs from what we find with most midsize trucks, which don’t resemble their full-size siblings.

“We’re going to be back in that [midsize] game, without a doubt, it looks like a Ram. I look at some of the other midsize offerings in the market, and I’m not going to pick on the individual brands, but I don’t think they always favor their mother brand. The midsize ones have seemed to get away, and they don’t look the same. This is very much a Ram.” – Randy Dye to Automotive News

An exciting development of Ram’s vision

Automotive News reported the new midsize concept truck revealed to dealer owners at their annual meeting. We’re unsure if it will become the Ram Dakota, but it’s clear this new pickup is a Ram EV that should fit in the midsize truck class. Unfortunately, this means waiting a little longer for Ram to return to this truck class.

Why should Ram reenter the midsize truck class?

Last year, the midsize truck class accounted for more than 608,000 sales, with an additional 110,850 models of the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz sold last year. Ram needs to get its share of this market, and a new Ram midsize electric truck could be the answer.

This new truck won’t receive the Revolution name because some at Ram believe electric trucks won’t be revolutionary when this new pickup hits the market.

Will Ram also develop a gas-powered midsize truck?

Ram Midsize Pickup Rendering With a Mountain Overlook
Ram Midsize Pickup Rendering | Ram

Rumors of a Ram Dakota have swirled for a few years. Recently, a smaller, engine-powered Ram truck prototype was spotted testing in Sweden in the dead of winter. Could a new Ram Dakota be the compact truck offered to compete with the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz? If so, this would mean Ram is skipping over the gas-powered midsize truck class altogether.

The most important takeaway is that a new Ram midsize electric truck is on the way before other companies, including GM, Toyota, and Ford, have developed midsize EV trucks. Will this new Ram midsize EV hit the market first?


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