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When Ram announced the Ram 1500 REV, it marked yet another electric truck to enter the market. It first came about as a concept, but now it will be arriving on area roads at some point in 2024. And if you think EV pickups aren’t popular, think again. Because the 1500 REV saw its reservations fill up in what seems like record time. Now, Ram has revealed some new details to folks who were able to place a reservation. 

What do we know about the Ram 1500 REV?

Ram has been releasing new info about its electric truck that it calls the 1500 REV. And recently, the company sent out an email giving an exclusive look at what this EV has to offer. While it’s not clear where the Ram 1500 REV will be built or the exact date that deliveries will be going out, we do know some other specifics. 

The 2025 Ram 1500 REV looks quite similar to the concept truck that proceeded it. Simply put, it looks modern without taking away too much of the design away that you would expect from a full-size truck. 

The 2025 Ram 1500 REV shows off as an electric truck.
Ram 1500 REV | Ram

Much like the Ford F-150 Lightning, the 1500 REV has a usable front trunk or frunk, and you get the utility of a pickup truck bed. 

If you live in a place that experiences power outages, you are likely to appreciate one option that Ram has included. According to Torque News, if your house is wired properly, the Ram 1500 REV can actually power it. Essentially turning this electric truck into a mobile generator.

More updates about this EV truck should be coming

While we know what the Ram 1500 REV is going to look like, Ram has not revealed things like towing capacity. As brands like Chevy and Ford introduce electric trucks, this segment is going to get competitive fast. So, you can be sure Ram will try its best to outdo its rivals. 

A blue 2025 Ram 1500 REV electric truck is parked in front of a garage.
The 2025 Ram 1500 REV | Ram

 It’s also too early to disclose horsepower and torque numbers. But Ram has hinted that this pickup truck will offer more power than the F-150 Lightning has. And that vehicle can make up to 580 hp. 

Another thing folks might be interested in is how much the Ram 1500 REV will cost. The price for a reservation is $100, but the actual truck will likely cost around $60k. That’s certainly not cheap, but it is in line with the cost of other electric trucks that are currently on the market. 

The Ram 1500 REV is coming

Although it’s not here yet, the excitement around Ram’s electric truck has certainly been growing. The Super Bowl marked the first major advertisement of it, and it appears folks like what they see. Sure, an EV truck is not right for everyone. And people who reserved one might back out, but with what the major brands are doing, shows they are serious about electrifying their trucks. 

The Ram 1500 REV won’t replace the gas-powered truck, at least for the foreseeable future. Still, it might be the electric pickup that Ram loyalists have been waiting for.

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