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Ford? Chevrolet? Rivian? Who will be the next automaker to announce their new electric pickup truck? While trucks like the Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T make revolutionary announcements, Ram sits back and watches. Instead of announcing and releasing the Ram 1500 electric truck at the same time as everyone else, they’re taking notes. The competition reveals every secret they’ve had about the electric trucks, and Ram will use every bit it can to make the Ram EV the best it can be.

Ram 1500 electric pickup truck is due out in 2024

The 2022 Ram 1500 is one of the Best Full-Size Pickup Trucks
The 2022 Ram 1500 is one of the Best Full-Size Pickup Trucks | Ram

Ram’s electric truck offering is set to come out sometime in 2024. Although no vehicles have been released on time lately, so a pushback would come as no surprise. Just ask the Tesla Cybertruck when it’s coming out (not even Elon Musk knows). Consequently, the electric Ram is scheduled to release about a year after the Chevy Silverado EV and much later than the Ford F-150 Lightning, which should reach customers in 2022.

The CEO of Stellantis, Carlos Tavares, isn’t worried about the Ram EV timeline. He seems to be happy about it since he says the company is in an observation period of the other electric pickups. According to The Drive, he told Morgan Stanley that the Ram EV pickup truck is being “adjusted every month” based on the capabilities and features of new electric trucks on the market.

“It’s a fact that we are coming slightly after them, but it’s also a fact that we have the opportunity to adjust the competitiveness and the appeal of our own trucks to what they are doing, the real winner of this competition is the consumer,” Tavares said.

Will patience help the Ram 1500 electric truck?

Ram 1500 electric pickup truck
2024 Ram 1500 electric truck | Stellantis

Although patience is a virtue, will it truly benefit the new EV? The Ram 1500 electric truck will certainly gain advantages by taking notes from the competition. However, it will also fall far behind in sales and loyalty. By the time a Ram 1500 electric pickup truck is driving on the streets, there’ll be upwards of 150,000 F-150 Lightning models there too. Even the Tesla Cybertruck could get delivered to customers by then.

Not to mention, pickup truck owners are incredibly loyal to brands. If a gas-powered truck owner decides they need an EV, their only option is to switch to Ford. For another two years minimum, those who love the horned logo don’t have an EV option. It wouldn’t be surprising if Ram lost a lot of customers to Ford, and they might become loyal to the Blue Oval.

What notes should Ram be taking right now?

A considerable focus of most of the existing electric trucks is on capability, both off and on the road. It seems like automakers want to prove doubters wrong, especially when it comes to EVs. Many consumers think EVs won’t be as capable as other pickup trucks. However, with 10,000+ pound towing capacities and unique features like turning into a generator, electric pickups prove everyone wrong.

Recently, Chevy announced the Silverado EV would eventually have a work truck model with over 20,000 pounds of towing capacity. The Rivian R1T and F-150 Lightning have put innovation at the forefront of their respective designs. It’s no secret that these features are working with the consumer since both trucks have thousands of reservations. Good luck getting your hands on one any time soon.

Although Ram is losing the race, the CEO of Stellantis is saying it’s a marathon, not a sprint. As Ram sits back and takes notes on the competition, it’s evolving its Ram 1500 electric pickup truck every day. In addition, Tavares is correct that this is the best-case scenario for the consumer. Either other brands will stay ahead of Ram in this contest, or the new EV will be so mind-blowingly good that it’ll jump to the top.


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