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Yes, we are still lamenting the absence of an electric truck prototype from Ram, but the truck maker still has reason to cheer. That’s because it beat the Chevy Silverado for second place in the yearly full-size pickup truck battle. This isn’t the first time Ram 1500 has come in second, either.

Ram also beat the Silverado in sales for 2019

Ram 1500
2022 Ram 1500 | Stellantis

This happened in 2019 as well. So, while the bow tie fans will say it was only due to supply chain issues, the two brands have fought for second place for several years. There is more to the Silverado slapdown than missing parts.

The Ram truck scored more sales in Q4 2021 with 134,616 pickups sold, compared to 112,508 Silverados sold. In all, Ram found 569,388 buyers for 2021, versus 519,774 Silverado sales. For comparison, the Ford F-150 hit 191,173 sales in Q4, taking the crown for 2021 again with 726,004 total sales. 

Overall, Stellantis saw sales drop in 2021

A white Jeep Grand Cherokee is on display.
A white Jeep Grand Cherokee is on display | Getty

But Stellantis sales in the US dropped 18 percent in the fourth quarter, with overall sales dropping two percent in 2021. Jeep sales fell 19 percent in Q4, with total 2021 sales off two percent as well. Some of this was attributed to cutting back deliveries of the Jeep Cherokee according to Automotive News. And the drop happened in spite of the release of the three-row additions to the Jeep Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer, and Grand Cherokee L. 

Coming to Jeep’s rescue in 2022 will be the redesigned two-row Grand Cherokee and a 4xe plug-in hybrid version. Sales for the Jeep Gladiator were up 16 percent in 2021, with almost 90,000 sales. But some Stellantis brands took a major hit in 2021.

Alfa Romeo’s sales in the US were down 33 percent in Q4. Fiat was way worse, dropping 64 percent in the quarter. Dodge dipped 36 percent, but Chrysler actually saw an increase of almost 20 percent. 

Some brands were up, but most were down

The 2022 Chrysler 300 is one of MotorTrend's best full-size sedans
The 2022 Chrysler 300 full-size sedan | Stellantis

In all for 2021, Alfa Romeo was down two percent, Dodge saw sales dip almost 20 percent, Fiat dropped 45 percent, Jeep lost two percent, but Ram and Chrysler saw gains. Both saw sales increases of four percent year-over-year. 

Stellantis announced earlier that it was prioritizing retail sales over fleet sales, and the numbers show it. Fleet sales overall in 2021 were off by 13 percent. 

Finally, the average transaction price of Stellantis vehicles in 2021 was just shy of $50,000. That increase was driven mostly by the supply chain issues related to the pandemic. With shorter supplies, there was little room for haggling. So prices remained higher than ever before.


Embarrassed And Beaten Chevy Slips To Third Behind Ram In 2019