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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is playing it safe when it recently discovered a potential risk for fire in select model Ram diesel trucks. On October 25, 2019, FCA announced a voluntary recall to address the risk. Today, we’ll highlight everything you need to know about the recent announcement and recall.

What is the potential fire hazard?

FCA is recalling over 100,000 diesel pickups based on its recent findings of microscopic cracks among the emissions control components. According to FCA, some exhaust-gas recirculation coolers in the Ram 1500s of specific model years, present microscopic cracks.

These coolers are designed exclusively for the diesel engines and are intended to reduce tailpipe pollutants. It may seem insignificant to report tiny cracks. However, they are already aware of a number of small fires. These reported fires have also led to four injuries, as truck owners attempted to put out the flames themselves.

Which Rams are affected in this recall?

The recent recall does not affect any of the newest generation of Ram diesels for 2020. Nor does it pertain to any of the gas Ram 1500s from any model year. The risk is only applicable to any Ram pickups from 2014-2019, with diesel engines. Ram is also recalling a reported 50,159 of the same models sold in Canada.

What should you do if you’re the owner of one of these Rams?

If you own one of these trucks, you can expect a notification from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles directly with instructions on proceeding to the dealership for service repair. We understand the company is outlining the details of the fix, for the dealerships, presently.

There isn’t a specific campaign number yet assigned to this Ram recall. But, per its website announcement, you are welcome to call the FCA customer service hotline for additional information at 800-853-1403.

If you’re waiting for repair authorization, you’ll want to keep an eye on your coolant levels and let your local dealership know if you find you’re running low.

What if your Dodge Ram 1500 catches fire?

If you should experience an engine fire in your truck, don’t attempt to extinguish it yourself. Call your local fire department instead. Even the smallest fires can become dangerous in a matter of seconds.

It might be tempting to try to manage the situation yourself if you have a fire extinguisher on hand. But, due to some of the previously reported injuries, and the erratic nature of automobile fires in general, it’s best to stay safe and call for help.

If you find yourself driving when you discover a fire, pull over somewhere safe. Turn off the truck quickly, and exit the vehicle to wait at least 150 feet away.

Where can you go to find any open recall information on your Ram?

If you want to check for yourself, you can visit the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) website to review if your pickup has a current recall.

You can enter your truck’s VIN for a complete list of past or present notices. Even if your truck doesn’t fall into this particular safety recall, it’s generally a good idea to check periodically throughout the life of your vehicle. It can be helpful to stay on top of potential recall risks with any of your vehicles.

If you’re driving a gas-powered Dodge Ram 1500, or plan to buy a 2020 EcoDiesel, don’t sweat this latest announcement. This recall is for the diesels of 2014-2019 only. If your truck falls in this category, you should have notification soon. In the meantime, play it safe and monitor your coolant gauges. Repairs should be authorized soon.