Rad For Sale Is Your One-Stop Radwood Auction Shop

Auction sites like Cars and Bids are a great tool for those searching for their next car. Especially for those after a classic vehicle, or a performance-oriented modern one. The former one especially comes in handy for those wishing to bring in something for Radwood. This is why the car festival’s organizers have started an accompanying car auction site: Rad For Sale.

A Radwood car or motorcycle has to meet certain age requirements

The Radwood car show/festival has quickly risen to prominence over the past few years. So much so, that some automakers, like Acura, have created specific show cars for it. The last Radwood I attended, Radwood Detroit, had displays supplied by both Volkswagen and Dodge.

Radwood has a singular theme: ‘80s and ‘90s vehicles, especially obscure and/or overlook ones, Roadshow reports. The shows feature things like the Isuzu Vehicross, Mitsubishi Monteros and Pajeros, and, naturally, more than a few DeLoreans. Import-eligible JDM cars, kei cars and otherwise, are also popular sights at Radwood shows.

Motorcycles from the era of big hair and Day-Glo neon also have a place at Radwood. Bikes like the BMW K1, and the Honda Motocompo, for example. The latter gets extra points if it’s stored in the trunk of its accompanying Honda City Turbo II.

But the vehicles aren’t the only stars of the show—the people are, too, Hagerty reports. Radwood-goers dress up in ‘80s and ‘90s attire, complete with era-accurate props. I’ve seen people wearing Akira jackets and carrying boomboxes. I’ve dressed up for Radwood as Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop. Others bring in 80s-era brick cell phones, Haliburton cases, and distinctly yuppie fashion choices, Autoweek reports.

This admiration of the 80s and 90s comes as the people who grew up in those times are starting to become the vehicle ‘tastemakers.’ Plus, these cars and bikes are just new enough to be daily-drivable, while still simple enough to work on. They don’t have many modern safety features, but that also makes them lighter and easier to see out of. Hence why a pristine CRX Si can sell for almost as much as a brand-new Civic.

Rad For Sale is an auction site specifically for Radwood cars and bikes

Radwood-eligible cars do appear on auction sites like Bring a Trailer and Cars and Bids. The latter only features cars no older than the 1980s. However, Cars and Bids doesn’t list motorcycles. And while Bring a Trailer does, they’re not limited to a specific era.

That’s where Rad For Sale comes in. This auction site features cars, trucks, motorcycles, parts, and paraphernalia from the 80s and 90s, Autoblog reports. Even bicycles are eligible, The Drive reports.

Rad For Sale was also co-founded by the same people as Radwood, Forbes reports. The event itself has gone digital in the wake of the ongoing pandemic, Automobile reports. But Rad For Sale offers another way for fans of the era to celebrate together.

You can list your wheels, too

Rad For Sale has been live since the beginning of March 2021. And while the site already has some listings, you can add your car there, too.

A multi-colored Rothmans-liveried 1988 Porsche 911 Turbo Cup in a warehouse
1988 Porsche 911 Turbo Cup | Rad For Sale

This is how you do it. Generally, any “good quality example” of a 1980-1999 vehicle can be listed, whether it’s a pickup, a car, or a bike. There are some exceptions, though; Rad For Sale specifically lists a 1979 Beetle and a 2000 Miata. Plus, any vehicle modified in the spirit of Radwood can be submitted.

If you want to list your vehicle on Rad For Sale, you’ll have to submit the make, model, model year, and VIN. Then, if it’s approved, you’ll provide images for the listing. After the auction is over, Rad For Sale lets the buyer and seller know so they can complete payment. And speaking of the listing, there are several ‘tiers’ available.

A yellow-and-black 1984 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts Edition by a garage door
1984 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts Edition | Rad For Sale

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There’s a ‘Free to List’ tier available for gear, parts, and “lifestyle items.” As for actual vehicles, the starting ‘No Reserve’ level costs $45. $85 gets you the ‘Standard’ tier, which comes with an auction reserve. Both of these tiers have a seven-day duration as a minimum. The ‘Royalty’ tier, though, which costs $125, gives a minimum 10-day duration, as well as “[g]uaranteed additional social media presence.” Also, they’re put in a specially-curated section.

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