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Fireworks are objects of celebration. The bright fiery lights and booming sounds of fireworks create awe and excitement. However, if not properly handled, fireworks can be dangerous. This was the case during a nighttime race in the United Kingdom. A truck packed with fireworks exploded, causing spectators to flee in terror. 

Fireworks truck explosion at Guy Fawkes Night event in the UK

Fireworks truck explosion at Guy Fawkes Night race event in the United Kingdom
Fireworks truck explosion | Daily Mail via YouTube

The fireworks explosion occurred earlier this month at the Ringwood Raceway in Matchams, Dorset in the UK, as detailed by the Daily Mail. The fireworks were part of an event to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night, also known as Fireworks Night or Bonfire Night.

At the Bonfire Night event, hundreds of people watched the fireworks show. Suddenly, the fiery end of one of the fireworks landed in the bed of a dump truck. Soon, the entire truck caught on fire, and then a barrage of fireworks shot out of it. The shocked spectators fled for their safety. One person at the event described the fireworks explosion and ensuing chaos as “carnage.”

Announcer after fireworks explosion: ‘Did you enjoy that?’

The fireworks exploded for another three minutes before the marshalls got the fire under control. After the fire finally subsided, the announcer told the spectators, “That was not quite scheduled to happen. Did you enjoy that? You aren’t going to see that anywhere else.” 

Aaron Orchard, a 22-year-old man that runs a gardening business, attended the Guy Fawkes Night event and caught the fireworks explosion on camera. He said that many people “crammed into the event.” After the firework landed in the dump truck, it “exploded and chucked up like mushroom clouds, and everybody just started running.” He continued:

“It just turned into carnage. People were hurting each other trying to get out (of) the way.There were hundreds of cars parked about 30 metres from where it happened so fireworks were hitting cars and everyone was running away from the fence. The whole thing was a complete shambles. I’ve never heard of anything like it. It was crazy.”

– Aaron Orchard, spectator at Guy Fawkes Night event fireworks truck explosion

Unknown if there were any injuries from the Fireworks Night explosion

Fireworks truck explosion at Guy Fawkes Night race event in the United Kingdom
Fireworks truck explosion | Daily Mail via YouTube

The local fire department arrived at the scene at 9:23 pm, but by that time, the fire already subsided. Another spectator stated that the organizers of the Bonfire Night event apologized for the unfortunate explosion and said that “if anyone had any injuries to get them checked.” The Daily Mail contacted the organizers for a comment but did not yet receive a reply, including whether or not anyone suffered from any injuries.

Let’s hope that no one was injured from the fireworks truck explosion. By the looks of the video, the explosion and ensuing chaos were scary and dangerous for the people at the event. It seems like, at least in terms of fireworks craziness, Fireworks Night in the United Kingdom is similar to Independence Day in the United States. While most people are safe with how they handle fireworks, all it takes is a bit of negligence and carelessness from someone to cause considerable damage. 


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