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If you’re into camping, then teardrop trailers are an easy way to hit the road and enjoy the scenery that nature has to offer. They’re small, easy to tow and provide comfort and shelter when needed. However, it can be hard to pick the right teardrop trailer considering they come in a variety of layouts and sizing. Fortunately, The Ultimate Camper – from Ultimate Toys – offers a stylishly simple camper solution.

The Ultimate Camper has everything including the kitchen sink

The Ultimate Camper Kitchen area and dinette
The Ultimate Camper Kitchen area and dinette | Ultimate Toys

Believe it or not, the Amish are well-known for their expert craftsmanship and attention to detail. If you have ever checked out Amish-built furniture or marveled at the wizardry of the Amish fireplace, you would understand. The Ultimate Camper is no different, according to the Ultimate Toys website, this little camper is “hand-crafted and built by Amish Artisans,” and it truly shows.

The Ultimate Camper has a traditional teardrop shape and is a full 12-inches wider than other campers in the category making it more spacious than the rest. It comes in two different styles – the Classic and the Woody – and features two kitchen areas, one on the inside and one outside.  The inside kitchen has everything you would need including a two-burner stove, microwave, refrigerator, and a stainless-steel sink. There’s even a convertible dinette that can seat up to five people.

The exterior kitchen has a gas grill, sink, removable cooler, and speakers so that you can jam out while cooking, reports Gear Patrol. As far as sleeping accommodations, the Ultimate Camper has a Queen-size bed that can sleep two adults.

This camper isn’t only made for cooking, though

The exterior kitchen on The Ultimate Camper
The exterior kitchen on The Ultimate Camper | Ultimate Toys

Although there are two kitchens involved when using the Ultimate Camper, it’s not just made for cooking and sleeping. In fact, the single-floor plan not only incorporates sleeping and culinary accommodations, but it even has a toilet and a shower. Actually, it’s a toilet/shower combo with a built-in sink, since space is rather limited. But it is pretty genius, nonetheless.

Furthermore, that toilet is a cassette toilet, so you won’t need to worry about emptying the black water tank as you would on a traditional RV with a flush toilet. As far as the other water tanks, Ultimate Toys doesn’t have any specs listed.

The Ultimate Camper is easy to maneuver on the road

The Woody version of The Ultimate Camper
The Woody version of The Ultimate Camper | Ultimate Toys

While the Ultimate Camper is 12 inches wider than the competition, it’s still easy to maneuver on the road. It’s 15-feet, 3-inches long, and only weighs around 2,500 pounds with no one in it, so it should be easy to tow with most SUVs or trucks. As far as the different styles, the Classic features a white and teal color combination that gives off a retro 50s-style diner vibe. On the other hand, the Woody is meant for those that miss the wood paneling on their parent’s station wagon. It also works well for those that like purple.

Ultimate Toys doesn’t mention anything about pricing on its site for The Ultimate Camper, but Gear Patrol thinks that it should cost somewhere between $20,000 to $30,000 according to the market.

The Classic version of The Ultimate Camper
The Classic version of The Ultimate Camper | Ultimate Toys

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