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Professional sports players typically fly across the country to perform in their respective games. However, not all of them follow the norm. One person, John Daly, a Professional Golfer, likes to make his own way with an RV he purchased in 2006. Even though it’s over 10 years old, he keeps it looking great. 

Daly takes his camper to every golfing event, no matter how far away it is. The Twin Cities Pioneer Press explains what his RV offers and why he uses it instead of traveling by airplane and staying at hotels. 

John Daly travels in his own kind of style

John Daly poses for a photo inside his RV
John Daly gives a tour of his RV | Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Back in the day, golfers traveling all over the country to tournaments would use RVs to get around. But, nowadays, most of them get on an airplane and fly to their destination, spending their days at hotels.

John Daly is one of the rare ones that travel the way he wants to, which is using his own RV that he’s never regretted buying

He drives to the tournament grounds and camps out in the parking lots. He sleeps in his own King size bed that barely fits in the bedroom space, but he doesn’t care. He uses his own television as well. He has a satellite installed on the roof, so he can pick up stations no matter where he’s at in the country. 

He can fold down the two large couches and make more bed space, which helps when his kids can travel along with him. Daly is happy with this arrangement because he feels that staying in his RV is, as he says, “10 times better than a hotel room.”

What model is his RV and what does it offer?

Daly’s RV is a 2007 Prevost Featherlite that’s 45-foot long and 14-foot wide. It’s decorated with brown, gold, and white designs. The engine powering it up has 600 hp providing power to haul all 45 feet of the camper. 

At the time of the article, Daly had his RV for about 10 years and it had 180,000 miles on it. It didn’t bother him, though, because he felt that an RV like the one he has, isn’t considered broken in until it reaches at least 200,000 miles. 

Inside, you’ll find a bathroom area with a shower, and a full-size fridge located in a small kitchen perfect for cooking up meals for himself or his family if they come along. Next to the kitchen is an eating area with one of the two large couches. 

The back of the RV houses his bedroom complete with the California King bed, custom lighting, and ceiling fans. You’ll also find storage areas sprinkled throughout to store all the items he likes to bring with him on his tournament trips. 

Where does John Daly store it when it’s offseason?


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When he’s not traveling the golf circuit, his RV stays on his home property. He doesn’t actually store it, because even when he’s home he sleeps in the bed in his RV.

His home isn’t neglected though. He has an upstairs area where he keeps quite a few of his personal collector items. He has several guitars, some from famous musicians that were given to him. He also has a collection of NFL jerseys signed by various football players hanging up on his walls. 

In a YouTube video from Graham Bensinger, from 2016, he shows off his wardrobe of fun, brightly colored clothing. He keeps a collection of wildly designed suit jackets he’s worn over the years. In his downtime, he loves to travel over to a nearby golf course to play a few rounds. 

John Daly has used his RV to get to and from golfing engagements ever since he got it in 2006. Even though it’s now over 10 years old, he isn’t too interested in purchasing a new one at this time.