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Hold on, you need to put on a pair of sunglasses before taking a look at the new Genesis GV80 concept. Admit it. You already know that Genesis provides some attractive, unique luxury vehicles that get your motors running. But now the Genesis GV80 Coupe is spicy with seductive Korean heat that melts the competition like hot lava. 

What is the Genesis GV80 Coupe concept? 

The Genesis GV80 Coupe concept is the latest creation from the growing luxury brand and demonstrates the intent for the future. Genesis is geared toward crafting emotional and performance-oriented models. 

It materializes the brand’s design philosophy while emphasizing athletic attributes. The signature LED headlights represent athleticism and elegance expressed in two lines. For example, two words in two lines are like the duality in contradiction. 

But this may be the most attractive model yet, with LED lines on the sides of the hood. Plus, the front facia incorporates the Double G-Matrix patterned crest grille surrounded by quad lights. They evolved from multi-lens array technology to provide a seamless light performance. 

According to Genesis, four slots are placed within the bumper to enhance thermal cooling by reducing shadowed thermal flow. The refined proportions accent an attractive, elegant design with a performance-enhancing anti-wedge parabolic line. 

Muscular blisters and fenders represent growing confidence while maintaining elegance with a humble yet extrovert high-performing attitude. 

The GV80 Coupe rides on five-spoke forged aluminum wheels that are paired with a black carbon fiber roof to emphasize dynamic driving qualities by reducing weight and lowering the center of gravity. 

To optimize aerodynamic fluidity, you’ll notice an upper rear spoiler and the spoiler lip on the elliptical concave ducktail to improve downforce speed. 

The front fender proudly wears a “Designed by Genesis” badge, and seamline two-line rear lamps complete the look. The spicy and striking shade of Magma orange represents the lava constantly flowing under Korea. 

Genesis Chief Creative Design Officer, Luc Donckerwolke, shared that it represents Korea’s self-confident and passionate attitude with a quiet, efficient, and humble first impression contrasted by a high-performing, passionate attitude. 

What is the GV80 Coupe interior like? 

The interior of the Genesis GV80 Coupe flexes an athletic, high-quality premium design. The unique three-spoke steering wheel provides an sporty persona with contrasting black Nappa and suede leather. 

Orange Magma piping, plaid double stitching, and carbon fiber weaves accent the functional surface with a unique and attractive design to craft an inviting, luxury space. The interior features four bucket seats for a bold and athletic statement. 

The bucket seats enhance dynamic driving support and safety. Plus, there’s even a roll bar for added protection. The carbon fiber backrest is a nod to the extroverted personality, while the structural stiffness of the body is reinforced by a G-Matrix strut brace behind the bucket seats. 

We caught a glimpse of the large moon roof and what seemed to be a 14.5-inch touchscreen. Things may change before entering production, but it’s safe to expect a 3D digital gauge cluster, head-up display, and wireless phone charging pad. 

How much power does the GV80 Coupe concept have? 

We didn’t receive official stats for the Genesis GV80 Coupe concept, but it’s safe to expect an exhilarating performance as none of the sporty Genesis vehicles have let us down. 

It could use the 3.5-liter V6 engine with 375 hp and 391 lb-ft of torque from the regular GV80 SUV. But Genesis has committed to growing sustainability and going fully electric by 2030. 

So, this points our attention toward the electrified Genesis GV70. The available dual-motor setup generates 429 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque for a thrilling acceleration that Boost Mode enhances. 

The GV80 Coupe concept is production ready, and we’re excited to see Genesis take things to the net level with a premium design and the most athletic performance yet. 

Over the past seven years, Genesis has grown with award-winning vehicles representing athletic elegance. It isn’t done meeting customer needs by delivering the highest standards of performance, design, safety, and innovation.