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If you’re into car detailing at all, you’ve probably heard of an iron remover. There are a ton of these products on the market, but Adam’s Iron Remover might be one of the best. In my years of professional detailing, it’s the one I go back to time after time because it works. However, it’s critical that you understand how to use it.

What is an Iron Remover?

Also known as a wheel cleaner or brake dust remover, iron removers chemically bond to ferrous metal fragments and remove them from painted surfaces. They break down stuck-on contaminants from industrial debris, brake dust, and road grime so they are easier to remove. It’s a simple process: simply spray on, let it dwell, and rinse away. But not all iron removers are created equal, and that’s where Adam’s Iron Remover has an edge.

Adam’s Iron Remover is a breeze to use

You can buy Adam’s Iron Remover both in a concentrate or a ready-to-use bottle. For the purposes of this review, we’re discussing the ready-to-use version, but both achieve the same results in the correct dilution.

Once your car is washed and dried, use the iron remover to break down any remaining contamination left on the paint. Simply spray it on and watch for the purple or red streaks to appear.

A word of warning, though: this stuff smells. Awful. The chemical needed to break down this ferrous material smells like a combination of rotten eggs and hot metal. It’s unpleasant, and unfortunately, there’s no way around it. The upside? The horrible smell means it’s working, at least.

Once you see the colored streaks appear, you’re ready to rinse. For heavily contaminated cars, a second application may be necessary. But Adam’s Iron Remover is strong enough that, for the most part, one round is all it takes. Even on heavy brake dust, this stuff works wonders.

A bucket of cleaning products like this can be replaced by Adam's Iron Remover
A bucket of cleaning products | Getty Images

Pay attention while working with this product

Keep in mind that, while applying Adam’s Iron Remover is easy, it isn’t foolproof. You’re still dealing with harsh chemicals and the risk of harming yourself or your vehicle is ever-present. As such, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

First, do not use this product on a sunny day. Heat can cause an extreme reaction that may harm your vehicle’s finish. This is especially true for aluminum wheels, so work in a garage or, at least, stay in the shade.

Second, use hand and eye protection! While Adam’s Iron Remover isn’t highly dangerous, you don’t want a sudden breeze blowing this stuff back into your eyes. It can also severely dry out your hands, and for those with sensitivities, it can even cause lasting irritation.

If you do get this stuff on your hands or eyes, rinse the area immediately and wipe dry with a clean towel. As effective as this iron remover can be, it isn’t something you want in contact with your skin for an extended period.

Is Adam’s Iron Remover a good buy?

A good iron remover is essential for any car care arsenal. If you care about keeping your car clean and protecting it in the long term, Adam’s Iron Remover is an excellent addition to your car wash routine. You may only need to apply it once or twice per year ahead of each wax. But whenever you do, you’ll remove contamination you didn’t even realize was present.

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