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One of the most iconic cars associated with rally is undoubtedly the Subaru Impreza. However, if not for the company Prodrive, the GC8 generation Subaru Impreza may not have been as big of a racing staple as it is today. Recently, Prodrive announced its ultimate version of the Impreza, the P25. It’s an insane restomod build with a ton of custom carbon parts and racing-bred components that costs $700,000.

Let Prodrive explain what makes the P25 so special

Carfection posted an awesome video to Youtube where host Henry Catchpole gets up close and personal with this phenomenal car. In the video, Catchpole discusses the car with David Lapworth, a legendary rally engineer and head of research and development at Prodrive.

“I think if you kind of try to blend the 22B and a ‘97 world rally car…sort of the best of both worlds plus everything we learned in the years following that with paddle shift and diff control and all that. Put it all together and sort of say, “what’s the closest we can get to what we think of as the ultimate road car?” Not necessarily the fastest drag racer or supercar in the normal sense, but, you know, like a proper driver’s car,” Lapworth told Carfection.

Lapworth explains that the car is a standard monocoque chassis. However, Prodrive did everything it could to save weight. Now, nearly the vehicle’s entire body is made from carbon fiber. Additionally, the company adds a bit of reinforcement in certain spots, just like they did with rally cars of the era.

Prodrive P25 Subaru Impreza GC8 Restomod at Goodwood Festival of Speed
Prodrive P25 | Carfection, Youtube

Lapworth also says the P25 has bespoke suspension uprights to perfect suspension geometry. Additionally, he states that the P25’s suspension draws a lot of influence from the world rally cars of the era, too.

Prodrive has a few options for P25 buyers, including rear-seat deletes, a basic roll cage structure to make it a full-blown track car or buyers can keep it a bit more practical. It is, after all, a road-going car.

The cost comes from all of the time and engineering that went into the P25 coming to life


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Lapworth goes on to explain that the engine under the hood is based on the Subaru EJ25 2.5-liter boxer four-cylinder engine. However, virtually no bolt was left unturned by Prodrive. In addition, it has bespoke cylinder heads, tuning, and other components.

“It’s not just 450 horsepower. It’s got proper throttle response, a motorsport turbocharger, a massive intercooler…Just like a WRC car at their very best, when we do a launch, it puts in the first two gear changes for you,” says Lapworth.

The engine feeds its power to a dog box transmission with paddle shifting that can shift as fast as you can blink. Additionally, the car has a hydraulic handbrake setup with electronic center diff decoupling, just like a real WRC rally car.

Overall, while a price tag of around $700,000 USD may seem a bit insane, you’re getting a lot of car with that money. Additionally, you’re paying for over four decades of experience, research, development, and engineering.

If that’s all starting to sound pretty good to you and you’ve got the money to spend, there’s some bad news. All 25 of the Prodrive P25 examples are already spoken for.