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Few things can be as good for a car company as a literal prince choosing to drive one of its cars. That is exactly what happened for Tesla when Prince Charles decided to buy a 2021 Tesla Model S. However, very soon after buying the high-octane EV, Prince Charles decided to ditch the 2021 Tesla Model S.

2021 Tesla Model S in blue is similar to the one Prince Charles just sold
2021 Tesla Model S | Tesla

Prince Charles abdicates his brand-new 2021 Tesla Model S

Prince Charles has decided to rid himself of his Long Range Plus Tesla Model S. According to Autorevolution, the second-hand dealer, We Buy Supercars came to Windsor Castle a couple of weeks ago to pick the Tesla up. The Model S is now for sale through Castle Motors, with a little extra tacked on, at $114,000 (based on current exchange rates.) However, given the circumstances, it will probably see a lot of interest, even at that price. 

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On the one hand, this Tesla Model S was driven by Prince Charles. Something tells me there are people who care about that sort of thing over there. Like any celebrity, their discarded vehicles become elevated just because they owned them. I would wager Prince Charles’ second half of a sandwich would have serious value to someone.

Equally if not more important than the fact that Prince Charles’ butt was once in the seat, getting a new Tesla Model S Long Range Plus in the U.K. right now is next to impossible. As with many other new cars, getting one’s hands on a new Tesla Model S Long Rage Plus would take the better part of the year, if not longer. So, to get one that the Prince only had for five months and only drive 7,000 miles, even at a premium, will be worth it to many Tesla fan hopefuls. And, the whole Prince thing. 

Let’s take a closer look at Prince Charles’ Tesla

Prince Charles picked up his Tesla Model S Long Range Plus to use in a demonstration but fell in love with the car and decided to keep it. However, after only five months and 7,000 miles, he decided to ditch the sporty EV. 

This one is finished in Midnight Silver Metallic against the all-black Premium interior with Figured Ash Wood Decor. It is “one of the last registered Tesla Model S Long Range Plus models in the country and its VAT qualifying,” the current owner adds. 

The Long Range Plus spec comes with AWD and, of course, the extended range of 402 miles. As might be expected, this one has all the bells and whistles. It comes loaded with 19-inch Sonic Carbon Slipstream alloys, electric heated seats, Cold Weather pack including heated steering wheel and heated wipers, “Full Self Driving” Computer, Premium audio system, full panoramic glass sunroof with manual blind, power boot, Tesla Premium Connectivity (Live Traffic, Satellite view maps, video streaming, karaoke, music streaming, internet) until 29/06/2022, Adaptive Air suspension, and much more. 

Hear ye, Hear ye

I’m guessing the future King of England probably has plenty of other rides jealousy waiting to tote the King around his domain. However, the Tesla was a good look for the Prince who capes for the Crown to make more environmentally friendly policies. Let’s hope he gets something at least as cool as the Tesla, if not much, much cooler.