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Are you looking to upgrade to a new luxury SUV? Then, forget everything you knew about the affordable Santa Fe. Otherwise, your preconceived notions may cause you to miss out on a stellar option – the 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy.

This all-new trim level retains everything critics love about the standard Santa Fe and elevates it to new heights. How luxurious is the Santa Fe Calligraphy, and is it worth its high price tag? Let’s take an in-depth look at this exciting entry in the midsize SUV segment.

The 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe improved upon proven success

A black 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy parked in front of a rocky hill
The 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy on display | Hyundai

Hyundai has earned respect as one of the best SUV brands on the market in recent years. This achievement isn’t a fluke. The South Korean automaker continues to manufacture high-quality vehicles packed with outstanding value. 

The Santa Fe midsize SUV is one of Hyundai’s most well-respected models. Notably, the U.S. News & World Report named the 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe the best midsize SUV of the year. 

However, you can’t become the best by staying still. Hyundai redesigned the Santa Fe two years ago. But that didn’t stop the company from refreshing its heralded SUV for the 2021 model year. It added new, upgraded engines, updated styling, and high-tech features.

Naturally, Hyundai hiked up the price of the 2021 Santa Fe, but it still remains affordable. However, there’s another noteworthy takeaway from the automaker’s changes to the refreshed Santa Fe. Hyundai introduced its SUV to new audiences, as it debuted a hybrid variant and the upscale Calligraphy trim level.

The 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy adds elegance, extravagance

Luxury isn’t exclusive to premium brands such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Other automakers are crafting premium versions of popular vehicles that further blur the line between economy and luxury. And Hyundai might have just released the most successful version of this to date.

The trim-topping Santa Fe Calligraphy makes your comfort a top priority, and it does so in style. Opulent materials such as quilted Nappa leather seats and a perforated leather-wrapped steering wheel quickly differentiate it from the rest of the lineup.

Thanks to its sophisticated design, the 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy blends in with other luxury SUVs. It features more distinguished exterior and interior accents, such as a dark-chrome grille and an eco-suede headliner. Plus, you can add eye-catching available 20-inch wheels that give the SUV a strong, confident stance. Other notable features include a full-color head-up display, ambient lighting, and an all-wheel-drive system with downhill brake control and three selectable drive modes.

Is the Calligraphy model worth its hefty price tag?


How Safe Is the Hyundai Santa Fe?

Yes. The 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy provides an incredible bang for your buck. This model features high-end luxuries that help it punch well above its weight.

You may be taken aback by its starting MSRP of $42,100. After all, this Santa Fe model costs nearly as much as a BMW X3. But don’t make the mistake of paying more for a hood ornament.

The 2021 Santa Fe Calligraphy is jam-packed with the best features Hyundai has to offer. Meanwhile, those who choose a base-level luxury SUV may miss out on genuine leather seats and cutting-edge technologies.

While the Santa Fe Calligraphy isn’t as athletic as its BMW and Mercedes-Benz rivals, it doesn’t disappoint. Its 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine makes 277 hp – 29 hp more than the base X3 – and an impressive 311 lb-ft of torque. Plus, it maintains Hyundai’s fuel-efficient reputation, as it achieves an EPA-estimated 24 MPG city/highway combined.

Overall, the 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy is a fantastic option for luxury car shoppers. This assessment is especially true for those who prioritize comfort over status symbols. This SUV delivers incredible value across the board, even out-doing its more distinguished competition in significant categories.