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The Honda Civic is one of the most popular sedans out there due to its fuel efficiency, reliability, and its ability to offer the best in safety equipment. But, is it still as safe today as it has been in the past?

U.S. News thought so. In fact, they’ve named the 2021 Civic one of the safest small vehicles on the market for this model year. What makes it so safe, and what else does it have to offer consumers?

What safety features does the 2021 Honda Civic have?

When driving down the road, the 2021 Honda Civic offers plenty to keep you and your passengers safe. As standard equipment, you’ll get automatic high-beam headlights as well as a rearview camera to let you avoid colliding with anything that might be in your path as you back up. 

As far as safety features go, the Civic offers more than enough to get you started. Lane departure warning and lane-keep assist will keep you centered on the road and will offer an alert if you start veering off track or will make the adjustments for you if needed. Also, it has forward-collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control. 

Another feature is the specially designed structure the car is built off of. The 2020 model introduced this collision prevention engineering, which was built to withstand some of the hardest hits a vehicle could take without causing serious injuries to its occupants. With lots of standard advanced airbags, you can be confident that your trip will remain safe.

How well does it stack up with crash testing?

The 2021 Honda Civic model impressed both the NHTSA and the IIHS, according to U.S. News. With the NHTSA, the Civic received five-star ratings in the frontal and side crash tests as well as the rollover tests.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also thought it performed well in its comprehensive testing. It received the highest ratings for how well it avoids collisions and withstands crashes. 

The Civic handled its tests so well, it received one of their Top Safety Pick awards. The only drawback are the halogen headlights, which didn’t illuminate as well as they should have. 

What else can you expect with the 2021 Honda Civic?

Powering it up is a four-cylinder engine that produces 158 hp. Paired with it is a continuously variable transmission. The combination is standard for the sedan. However, if you want a little more zip, you can opt for the turbo four-cylinder engine, which generates 174 hp, or 180 hp for the higher trim models. 

When it comes to spaciousness, the Civic outperforms others in its class, like the Mazda3. The legroom in the Civic is 3.5-inches more spacious than its rivals. Cargo space is larger as well for both the sedan and the hatchback. With the hatchback version, you can expect 22.6 to 25.7 cubic feet of space. If you fold down the seats, you gain around 20 cubic feet more. 

Fuel economy is another plus to the Civic. For city roads, the sedan can get around 32 mpg and 42 on the highway. With the hatchback version, you can expect about 31 mpg on city roads and 40 when traveling on the highway, according to U.S. News. 

The 2021 Honda Civic offers plenty of benefits that you can’t pass up. But, the most beneficial feature you see with the Honda Civic is the fact that it continues to be one of the safest cars available in this segment of the market. 


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