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The pandemic hit vehicle sales hard in 2020. But automakers are roaring back to production, and consumers are buying big this year. In fact, Ford‘s pre-order numbers demonstrate that shoppers are eager for new styles, innovative technology, functionality, and value. F-150 Lightning and Maverick sales are off to an astounding start. And the surge in pre-orders signals a market rebound and a bright future for the Blue Oval.

The Ford Bronco came out bucking

The Bronco was one of many vehicles that hit a launch snag. But the buzz shows a frenzy of interest for this rugged SUV’s return to the market. Broncos are finally shipping to dealers, and data suggests this beefy contender essentially sold out for the next two years.

There are 190,000 reservations so far, and 125,000 of those pre-orders are moving to official orders for immediate production. Whether it’s the Bronco’s style or its fun and aggressive capability, Ford has “absolutely nailed” this introduction, CNET reports.

Pre-orders are pouring in for other Ford models, too

Ford is having a great inning, with each of its four new vehicles enjoying unbridled successes, MotorTrend notes. The Bronco may have set the pace out of the gate, but the 2022 F-150 Lightning and 2022 Maverick are also gaining ground.

The F-150 Lightning won’t go on sale until next May but already has 100,000 pre-orders on the books. Some 44,000 of those were registered before the automaker even revealed its new electric pickup. And the Maverick, the hybrid compact pickup, saw over 40,000 reservations within the first week of its official reveal.

Even the E-Transit is gaining traction

Even the 2022 Ford E-Transit electric van is getting in on the action. Green Car Reports shared some preliminary data about the commercial van, including an attractive range of roof configurations, wheelbases, and cutaway styles. Low-roof variations of this practical and capable commercial van can travel 126 miles on a full charge, Ford reports. And though the E-Transit won’t go on sale until later this year, the automaker has already seen more than 20,000 pre-order reservations.

Ford’s roadmap leads to success, but with delays


The 2022 Ford Maverick Just Copied This Part of the Ford Bronco Sport

All of these registered pre-orders signal a huge year for Ford. Consumers are hungry for new EVs and hybrid technologies. And the Bronco’s sales numbers suggest Americans are eager to drive new styles, too. However, Ford CEO Jim Farley said that filling all of these orders will likely take time. The shortage of parts, including semiconductor chips, will affect future inventory levels.

This past April, Ford warned that the semiconductor chip shortage could translate to below-average inventory numbers until 2022. The automaker would have to cut production in half while waiting for the chips. And though other brands addressed these shortages by returning to the drawing board to redesign vehicles without these parts, Ford said it doesn’t plan to alter any of its vehicles.

The Blue Oval is in a great position, logging increased numbers of consumer pre-orders. The Bronco, Maverick, and the F-150 Lightning will clearly be popular. And Americans had to wait to buy in 2020, so a few more delays for these new rides might not be a big deal. That spells success for Ford down the road.