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There might be more trouble on the horizon for the Tesla Model Y. While being one of the most popular electric vehicles you can buy, the Tesla Model Y also serves are one of the least reliable vehicles you can buy. See what problems you might need to know about.

Is the Tesla Model Y is reliable?

The 2021 Tesla Model Y on the road
2021 Tesla Model Y | Tesla

According to J.D.power, the Tesla Model Y isn’t as reliable as expected due to tons of reported problems. But this hasn’t stopped the Model Y from being an incredibly popular option. Although, with more automotive brands going electric, people can consider other options. 

The Telsa Model Y has a reliability rating of 73 out of 100, which is close to falling below average. Scores between 70 to 80 are average, and rankings between 81 to 90 are above average. Also, problems are reported by actual owners based on their experiences.

It might have too much tech. New features and electric vehicle components are causing reliability problems for automakers. Infotainment glitches are common as automakers are attracted to larger screens with more digital controls. The electric powertrains usually don’t cause trouble. 

What’s wrong with the Model Y? 

The Tesla Model Y has problems with its interior quality. People are often disappointed with the materials used, and they don’t hold up.

The upholstery falls apart, plastic fittings don’t seem to fit, some buttons like the trunk release controls don’t respond, the alignment feels off, and now the steering wheels are falling off.

Don’t forget about the electrical problems like the screen refusing to come out of sleep mode or getting stuck at speeds around 80 mph. Some drivers struggle with phantom braking, sensitive alarms, and battery charging problems as well.

Owners of the Model Y also reported that they faced issues with the climate system, paint, trim, body integrity, body hardware, power equipment, and in-car electronics. Part of the power equipment problems involves the hatchback.  

Plus, the 2021 Model Y had four recalls: 

  1. The forward collision avoidance system could cause the AEB system to activate randomly, causing the vehicle to stop in traffic suddenly. 
  2. A lateral link separation may shift in the wheel alignment, causing instability with the suspension. 
  3. Contact with the rim of the hydraulic brakes could cause a sudden loss of tire pressure. 
  4. Improperly attached fasteners may prevent the seat belt retention system from performing correctly. 

Will the 2022 Model Y be better? 

A red Tesla Model Y is parked outside a building.
The Tesla Model Y | Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images

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It’s possible that the 2022 Tesla Model Y may incorporate updates to become more reliable. Tesla hasn’t announced any significant changes yet. But the Model Y was recently introduced for 2020, so it shouldn’t need any updates. 

The Model Y still doesn’t have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. However, you can connect your phone via Bluetooth. The navigation system is Google-based, so it’s easy to read. However, the system can be slow to update. 

You can get started in a 2021 Model Y for about $39,990. Pricing for the 2022 model may increase. We will keep an eye out for Model Y updates. We hope that solutions for the tech and body problems are on the way.