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A large RV will take you to many places, but often out on the trails isn’t one of them. Sure, you can enjoy the campground life and see the country from the road. You can pull up next to wilderness overlooks, but you can’t truly enjoy the off-road trails with an RV. The Potential Motors Adventure 1 camper van offers a unique way to enjoy the deep wilderness. This is truly a departure from the Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco.

The Potential Motors Adventure 1 camper van enters a crowded space

Adventure 1 Camper Van Towed by an RV, this is the perfect RV adventure companion vehicle
Adventure 1 Camper Van Towed by an RV | Potential Motors

Off-roading has become a huge draw with so many consumers that some vehicles offer only off-road-ready choices. Considering the new 2023 GMC Canyon is an off-roader from start to finish, and we see the likes of the Jeep Wrangler, Ford Bronco, and Rivian R1T with serious off-road chops, it’s easy to say this space is crowded. How can a camper van compete in this arena?

What is the Adventure 1 camper van?

White Potential Motors Adventure 1 Electric Off-Road Camper Van at a remote scenic overlook
Potential Motors Adventure 1 Electric Off-Road Camper Van | Potential Motors

MotorTrend introduces us to the Potential Motors Adventure 1 camper van, an interesting overlanding vehicle perfect for your wilderness adventures. Leave the RV at the campsite and head to the trailhead in this little van. The Adventure 1 has an electric powertrain and the off-road chops to take you out on the trails for some fun.

At first glance, this van looks like something that belongs on the narrow streets in Europe or Asia. When you get down to the powertrain and suspension, you see the potential off-road chops of the Adventure 1. This little vehicle is only 64 inches wide, which makes it perfect for narrow trails. It is 178 inches long, making it six inches longer than the Ford Bronco Sport. Because it’s skinny and long, it’s ideally suited for narrow trails where some wider vehicles can’t go.

Does this Potential Motors vehicle have the off-road qualities desired?

Yes, as strange as it might sound, this narrow camper van offers a 40-degree approach angle, 45-degree departure angle, and 29-degree breakover angle. This places it in the same class as some off-road champions that we love. This van is built with body protection, skid plates, and rides on a set of BFGoodrich all-terrain tires.

The roof of the Adventure 1 is unique

Adventure 1 Electric Camper Van Roof Recess
Adventure 1 Electric Camper Van Roof Recess | Potential Motors

Instead of a raised roof rack, the roof of this camper van is recessed with a built-in storage area with tie-downs and room for a spare tire. Three indents, located above each rear, allow access to the roof and act as a ladder.

What makes the Potential Motors Adventure 1 camper van unique?

Rear Hatch Open on the Adventure 1 Camper Van showing the storage area with a bed and stored kitchen
Rear Hatch Open on the Adventure 1 Camper Van | Potential Motors

The large rear hatch opens to showcase an integrated full-size bed, which is plenty large enough for two people to enjoy the comforts of home. The rear area of this camper van has a slide-out kitchen, tons of storage space, and the off-road qualities necessary to reach remote destinations.

This off-road camper van provides access to areas you can’t reach in your RV, making it the perfect adventure companion. You could spend a day or two out in the wilderness when you reach some of the most iconic locations in the country. Your RV friends will certainly be green with envy when they see you head out on the trails in the Adventure 1.

How much power does this electric camper van offer?

The Potential Motors Adventure 1 has a dual-motor platform with standard 4WD. This powertrain is good for 604 horsepower, 737 lb-ft of torque, and 100 miles of off-road driving range. The battery pack is a 70-kW unit that delivers plenty of power to take this little camper out on the toughest trails.

How much does the Adventure 1 cost?

Red Adventure 1 on the Trails
Red Adventure 1 on the Trails | Potential Motors

This camper van doesn’t come cheap. It starts at $136,600, and the company is not mass-producing this vehicle.

For those in the area that want to see the Potential Motors Adventure 1 camper van up close, it will be on display at the Overland Expo East in Arrington, Virginia, in October.

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