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Don’t you hate it when the Post office shows up to seize your Luxury SUV? Wait, you’ve never heard of the enforcement branch of the United States Postal Service? Well, you can’t say that anymore. Yep, there is some real muscle behind the USPS, and it turns out that they aren’t that afraid to use it. The USPS just confiscated a Bentley Bentayga and is now selling it. What could happen to make the USPS steal your SUV? 

Why did the USPS take this Bentley Bentayga? 

The Post Office’s authority is unsurprisingly linked to mail crime specifically. The Drive notes that there aren’t any details about why this Bentley got snatched by the USPS. All we know now is the Post Office is selling the Bentayga at

The details surrounding the alleged crime and the taking of the Bentley aren’t the only mysteries here. The auction site is unclear on the specifics of the luxury SUV’s past. 

What are the Bentley Bentayga specs? 

Bentley Bentayga in grey parked in the grass
Bentley Bentayga | Getty Images

The information we have at the moment is that it’s a 2018 Bentley Bentayga with 17+k miles on the clock. says, “we have no history or records on it,” but they confirmed that it was “never a part of the USPS fleet.” 

If this whole situation weren’t strange enough as it is, this is no ordinary Bentley Bentayga. Unlike the majority of these luxury SUVs that came with a V8, this one has the 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 making 600 hp and 664 pound-feet of torque. 

There is something strange going with this USPS seizure

The Drive ran the VIN and found that in only 17,000 miles, this Bentayga was listed for sale six times and has been in two accidents so far. To make matters worse, the severity of the crashes is unknown

The government auction site claims that it runs and drives fine. Why am I getting a distinctly Craiglist vibe from the government site? I digress. 

The minimum bid starts at $109,000. While that is a large number indeed, that’s still a solid $40k-$50k under what these typically trade for with the mileage and year model. Since it’s an auction, the low starting price shouldn’t be too concerning. However, the sketchy, mysterious history paired with the government selling it at a low starting bid just feels a bit off. 

Is buying a car from a government auction a good idea? 

United States Postal Service
United States Postal Service (USPS) trucks are parked at a postal facility | Scott Olson/Getty Images

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Buying a car from Government auctions can be a great way to score a good deal on certain vehicles. Things like municipal work vehicles like park ranger’s trucks and police cars can be bought cheaply and in large numbers if you need a work fleet. That’s not to say that there aren’t some other options too. 

Government auctions are perfect for spending under $10k for an old work truck or a beaten Crown Victoria. However, $100k on a seized luxury vehicle with a mysterious past just is too out of pocket.

In the case of this Bentley Bentayga, you have to consider how the vehicle ended up in the government’s charge. Often, this will answer your question of if it’s worth pursuing.