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Yes, it’s true, just look at the lead photo as proof. But seriously, Porsche actually did make this, but not for a customer. It is an art concept that the automaker made a reality. 

What is this swan Porsche for?

Porsche art car
Porsche swan art car | Porsche

If you’ve never heard of artist Chris Labrooy, he does surreal digital art and more. You know, for art’s sake. He fashions absurd and amazing assemblages of Stuttgart’s finest in different settings. 

With the 20th anniversary of Porsche China, it was looking for something to do to commemorate the occasion. the manufacturer says Labrooy’s swan car celebrates the first car it sold in China. Yes, when we saw it we immediately had that thought. Not really. 

Porsche took an actual 996 coupe and made the swan art

Porsche art car
Porsche swan art car | Porsche

Now that it exists, it wants to exhibit the creations in art galleries and museums around the world. We can’t wait! We’ve always wondered what a 996 coupe would look like as a bird. 

As for Labrooy, he is a fairly famous artist from Scotland. A grad of the Royal College of Art, he has held exhibits around the world including here in the US. Clients enlist his talents for advertising, editorial, and publishing. 

“I’ve always been into cars, ever since I was a small boy,” says Labrooy in a short video. “I’d play with them, then I would draw them, then drive them in computer games. Even as a youngster I was fascinated by the design of cars. I remember seeing an episode of Top Gear where they went to the Royal College of Art and from the next day onwards I was telling my friends that this was where I wanted to go. To study car design.”

Labrooy has done more Porsche art projects than this

Porsche art project
Porsches in a pool | Labrooy

He likes cars so much, and Porsches in particular, that he has created quite a few projects with one or several as the subject. From a swimming pool full of coupes to one with melting body panels, he’s into the surreal. 

Combining his product design background with digital art gives him a firm handle on three-dimensional objects in two-dimensional settings. He could then put any object into any environment without hurting a single car. That’s where Porsche comes in.

This is the first of Labrooy’s digital art projects made from an actual car

Pink Porsches
Pink Porsches art project | Labrooy

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It decided to take the swan car idea and do it to a real car. That’s something Labrooy never attempted. But he does own a Porsche; a 718 Cayman GTS 4.0-liter. We were expecting some sort of 911 since that is usually the subject of his surreal art. Still, any Porsche is a good Porsche in our book.