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Blending the past and the future is very on-trend at the moment. From the reintroduction of Delorean to the Hyundai N Vision 74, combining the old with the new has never been more intriguing. Now, Porsche’s most recent concept is getting into the game. The Porsche Vision 357 marries the brand’s original sports car with futuristic technology.

A side-profile of the Porsche Vision 357
The side profile of the Porsche Vision 357 hints at both the 356 and current Cayman GT4 | Porsche

A Modern take on Porsche’s original sports car

Anyone familiar with the history of Porsche will recognize the lines and proportions of the Vision 357 concept. The sloping lines and narrow passenger area are evocative of the original Porsche 356. The silver paintwork and subtle creases also call back to the original model. Furthermore, the wide stance and wagon-style rear proportions are obvious hints at the retro styling of this concept. Even the silver paintwork is an homage to Porsche’s original sports cars. 

The rear of the Porsche Vision 357.
The rear of the Porsche Vision 357 includes several cues from the original car | Porsche

Hidden door handles and the integrated center brake light are clever touches that keep the Vision 357 looking appropriately futuristic. Meanwhile, the head and taillights are scarcely noticeable as a series of dots carved into the bodywork. A grille runs from the back window to the rear diffuser, another clear nod to the Porsche 356. In all, the Vision 357 is a fitting 75th birthday present for the brand, bringing that past together with the future of performance driving.

Celebrating an important anniversary in style

The Porsche Vision 357 isn’t just about celebrating the history of the brand. Revealed at the Volkswagen Group’s DRIVE forum, the Vision 357 also looks forward. A Porsche press release states that it uses the current drivetrain out of the Cayman GT4 RS with a flat-six powerplant that delivers 493 horsepower. Critically, the engine is designed to run on carbon-neutral synthetic fuels. Porsche has been working hard on synthetic fuels for some time, with the goal of keeping the combustion engine alive for generations to come.

The original Porsche 356 convertible with the new Vision 357 concept
The original 356 Roadster with the Vision 357 | Porsche

Modern touches in the Vision 357

Of course, there are some more modern aspects to the Porsche Vision 357 design as well. A distinct front splitter appears below the front bumper. Integrated side sills sit below the doors, flowing to the rear wheel arches. Both are made from natural-fiber composites, similar to the Cayman GT4 ePerformance prototype. The wheels are made from magnesium and include carbon fiber hub caps. The overall wheel design blends traditional five-spoke simplicity with old-school aerodisc aesthetics. And at 20 inches, these wheels definitely wouldn’t be found on the original Porsche sports car.

Will Porsche Build the Vision 357?

Currently, Porsche has no plans to build the Vision 357 concept for mass production. That said, it will appear at several global events in the coming years. With an enthusiast market that is hungry for nostalgia, elements of this design may find their way onto new Porsche models in the coming years. Whether that’s the upcoming electric 718 sports cars in 2025, an electrified version of the Cayman, or a new model altogether. While there are several ways that Porsche could bring the Vision 357 to life, it has yet to be revealed what those might be.

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