Porsche Taycan Honored for Luxury in 2020 World Car Awards

The praised 2020 Porsche Taycan has scored even more bragging rights with its honors at the 16th annual World Car Awards. The Taycan won ‘Best World Luxury Car’ and best ‘World Performance Car’ with its relative Porsche 911 coming in at second in both categories. The WCA recognizes automotive excellence and innovations in the ever-changing marketplace. 

What Makes the Porsche Taycan So Special?

2020 Porsche Taycan | Porsche

Porsche is known for making and consistently reinventing dynamic vehicles. The German automaker makes it clear that its own true competition is itself. The Taycan is a captivating sports coupe that just so happens to be Porsche’s very first electric vehicle. Its duality is a powerful supercar and dynamic electric vehicle exhibits Porsche’s present and future. 

Last year, there were over 15,000 Taycan orders globally. This sports sedan’s ultra-modern style, velocity, and superior drivetrain put it head to head with the Tesla Model S, although the Taycan is much more expensive.

The Porsche Taycan comes in three different trims: the 4S, Turbo, and Turbo S. These configurations are priced at $103,000, $150,900, and $185,000 respectively. The Tesla Model S ranges from $79,990 to $99,990.

In true Porsche fashion, this electric model does not compromise on speed or performance. The Taycan is actually the very first available electric car on the market that is motorized by an automatic two-speed transmission and 800-volt battery pack. This combination translates into a faster acceleration rate and faster recharging capability. The Taycan’s launch control feature can allow the vehicle to shift as quickly as that of a traditional gas-engined sports model.

All of the three Taycan configurations use two electric motors to control each of the car’s four wheels. The available horsepower ranges from 562 to 750 at its max capacity which is also very similar to the Tesla Model S. 

Technology and Infotainment System

Taycan Interior| Porsche

Like other Porsche models, speed and agility come first for the Taycan and technology comes second. The Taycan is Apple CarPlay compatible but not set up for Android Auto. Other standard entertainment features include SiriusXM radio and a three-screen infotainment display.

One of the display screens is dedicated to the dashboard panel and there are two touchscreens: the central touchscreen controls the infotainment display and the second is designed for other commands, like adjusting the cabin’s temperature or for accessing your navigation map. There is also a fourth screen option available. 

Charging Concepts

2020 Porsche Taycan | Porsche

There are three ways to charge your Taycan. The mobile charging option can be connected via touchscreen and there’s a newer mobile option that can connect to a home 240v NEMA 14-50 outlet. When away from home, you can charge your Taycan at Porsche 270kW 800 volt charging stations. You may also use alternative charging stations at various restaurants and hotels that you can search for based on your location through the Porsche Connect app.

What to Look Forward to in 2021

The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo is the anticipated estate model for Spring 2021. The Turismo is expected to deliver even more on Porsche’s electric car capabilities and technological modifications.