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Starting in 2020, Porsche began introducing a new way to fit their classic cars with 21st-century technology. The new connectivity option is called the Porsche Classic Communication Management (PCCM). Holding true to the vehicles’ design, PCCM aims to incorporate new car features into your classic Porsche. As a result, things you would expect from a new car, like Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth connectivity, and high-resolution screens, can now seamlessly be added to your older Porsche.

What is Porsche Classic Communication Management system?

Porsche PCCM 997
Porsche 997 | Porsche

Porsche offers updated head units for a host of their older vehicles. Available in a 3.5-inch single DIN slot allows the driver to control the features with modern buttons and dial controls. The design of the head units blends with the rest of the interior, so it seems like it came that way from the factory. An issue with aftermarket options is that they could always look more original, and many Porsche owners would rather stay true to the brand.

What is Porsche PCCM plus?

Porsche PCCM 997 987
Porsche PCCM and PCCM Plus | Porsche

The PCCM Plus is the naming convention for the more modern, 7.5-inch touchscreen display that fits into a double DIN slot. Most recently, Porsche began offering the PCCM Plus for the 997 and 987 Boxster, which previously had no options from the program. Both the PCCM and PCCM Plus feature an external mailbox that provides an interface for iPhone, Android, a USB port, and an auxiliary port to connect most of your devices. The connectivity allows for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with the head units. In addition, you can control the external music sources and phone calls from the touchscreen display. Phone calls are easy because of the unit’s internal and external microphones.

How much does a Porsche PCCM cost?

Porsche PCCM 987 red
Porsche 987 | Porsche

If you are considering a Porsche PCCM, it is nice to know what to expect when it comes to cost. Unfortunately, it is more expensive than most head unit replacements, but for a good reason. The standard PCCM starts at $1300, with the PCCM Plus starting at $1475. While it may seem like quite an investment, what you get from the system is worth the money. These systems are designed specifically for each vehicle, meaning the fit and finish are that of the factory unit you are replacing. With the added benefit of modernizing your Porsche interior, the overall price for the PCCM makes a lot more sense than the initial shock value over a standard head unit replacement.

Is the Porsche PCCM worth it?

For many drivers, it is always worth spending the money once and getting the upgrade you want. Considering the PCCM and PCCM plus are designed by Porsche engineers, it is hard to argue that there is any better option for your classic Porsche. Adding Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to any classic vehicle will breathe new life into the interior. Doing so with a quality factory head unit is not something many manufacturers offer. If you are upgrading the sound system in your Porsche, the PCCM is the only option.


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