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The iconic Porsche logo is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. It is a symbol that is associated with luxury, power, and performance. But what do the logo’s components mean? What is the story behind it? Let’s explore why this logo has earned its place among some of the most famous emblems in history

A Porsche employee fixes a logo to a new Porsche Macan S  | Jan Woitas/picture alliance via Getty

The Porsche logo features a black horse on a yellow background with a shield around it. This black prancing horse was inspired by a city seal from Stuttgart, Germany, where Porsche was founded. 

There are conflicting origins of the Porsche logo. Many people believed that Ferdinand Porsche’s son, Ferry, was the one who imagined the logo. However, according to, “The Germans are trying to debunk the story, insisting that the genius behind the design was Austrian engineer, Franz Xaver Reimspieß.” 

Regardless of who came up with the design, it’s one of the most recognizable logos in the world.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, this emblem also carries significant meaning for Porsche enthusiasts. It symbolizes strength, power, speed, and endurance—all qualities synonymous with the Porsche brand. 

Moreover, it pays homage to the city of Stuttgart and its strong automotive heritage. And as you can see, this symbol stands for so much more than just an automotive company. 

Why people love Porsches 

People from all walks of life have come to love Porsche models for their combination of luxury and performance. Many car enthusiasts admire them because they are powerful machines that offer exceptional driving experiences while remaining luxurious and stylish at the same time. 

Furthermore, they boast advanced technology and state-of-the-art infotainment systems that make them stand out from other vehicles on the market. 

From Hollywood actors to professional athletes to entrepreneurs—many celebrities have chosen Porsches as their preferred mode of transportation due to their unparalleled reputation for quality craftsmanship and performance capabilities. 

Keanu Reeves has an entire collection of cars, including the Porsche 911 and other Porsches. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has a collection of 100 vehicles, including a Porsche 959 and other Porsche models.

Why do people sometimes confuse the Ferrari and Porsche logos?


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Though both feature prancing horses in their logos, there are key differences between them. For instance, while both logos feature black horses on yellow backgrounds surrounded by shields, Ferrari’s shield has five distinct sections, whereas Porsche’s only has three. 

The inspiration for the Ferrari logo came from a World War I combat aircraft. The founder, Enzo Ferrari, saw a prancing red horse image on the fuselage of an Italian aircraft that was flown by Count Francesco Baracca. The red horse was reimagined in black for the logo because it mourns the fall of the pilot while in action.

While both logos embody everything these brands stand for—power, speed, style—they convey slightly different messages about their respective companies’ values and origins. 

The Porsche logo is an iconic symbol that embodies everything that makes up this legendary brand while also paying homage to its German roots and Stuttgart heritage. From professionals to celebrities alike—people love Porsches because they offer an unparalleled combination of luxury and performance.