Porsche Is the Best Brand of 2020 According to Consumer Reports

The competition in the luxury car industry is fierce, especially among German automakers like BMW, Audi, and Porsche. Everyone expects high-quality cars from German automakers, but Porsche has come out on top in 2020, according to Consumer Reports. Here’s why Porsche beat every car brand from around the world, luxury brand or not. 

How Consumer Reports got the scores

The way that Consumer Reports got its scores is simple, but not really. Basically, according to Consumer Reports, a car brand’s overall score is found by averaging the overall scores of each car that an automaker made. As simple as that sounds, it’s actually a bit more complicated as Consumer Reports has a very rigorous process that it uses to get those overall scores.

For example, each car that Consumer Reports tests has to go through over 50 different tests. These tests include things such as braking tests to maneuver tests among other tests. For reliability and owner satisfaction tests, Consumer Reports use reports by consumers to get a sense of what issues a car has and whether or not the owners are happy with what they drove off with.

The next criteria that Consumer Reports has is safety. Consumer Reports says that a car’s safety is mostly based on the crash test results from other agencies, such as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That said, Consumer Reports will also give extra points to cars that have smart safety features

Lastly, Consumer Reports must have tested at least two models from the automaker in order for the automaker to make the list.

Why Porsche won

That’s how Consumer Reports figured out a car brand’s overall score, so in Porsche’s case, Consumer Reports just gave very high scores to every single Porsche that it tested. Indeed, Consumer Reports says that, out of the three cars it tested, their average score was 86 out of 100. Consumer Reports even ended up recommending each and every single Porsche that it test drove. 

The runner-up car brand was the Korean luxury automaker, Genesis. Consumer Reports had also tested three of Genesis’ cars, and Consumer Reports also recommended all three. But, on average, their score was 84 out of 100. 

When you break things down, it’s clear Porsche won because its cars were well-made, reliable, and their owners were very satisfied with what they got. However, because Consumer Reports only tested three cars, it was easier for Porsche to get a higher average score than automakers that had more cars tested. For reference, the next seven automakers on Consumer Reports’ list each had over six cars tested.

Still making great cars

But still, even though Consumer Reports only tested three cars, each Porsche was undoubtedly high-quality. This is what Porsche is known for, and it’s why customers continue to buy these cars. For example, Porsche has a long history of making great convertibles like the Porsche 911

Porsche isn’t content with sitting on its laurels, though. The company continues to improve and innovate on its cars. In fact, in the latest Porsche Taycan Turbo, Porsche actually created an electric car that beats Tesla’s cars in terms of battery charging speed. This desire to create better and better cars means that Porsche is almost always at the cutting-edge of car technology.

For that reason, Porsche owners seem to be very satisfied with their cars, and their cars are also very reliable. On top of that, not only did Porsche win the best overall car brand award, but it also had the highest average road-test score of 89 out of 100. This shows that Porsches, on average, were just better to drive in than other brands