Porsche Fans Are Drooling Over a Restored 1985 911

In terms of luxury cars, Porsche vehicles are some of the most popular and high-quality. Consumer Reports named it the best brand for 2020 due to impressive reliability scores across its lineup. The newest models of the Cayenne and 718 Boxster currently have the highest reliability scores possible.

One of the brand’s most popular cars, the Porsche 911, has also received glowing reviews from critics and consumers. In addition to its power and luxurious interior, the 911 has the potential to last several decades after its release. This was evidenced by a newly-restored 1985 Porsche 911 made by DP Motorsport. Inspired by an older Porsche race car from the 70s, the end result looks fantastic.

The “new” 1985 Porsche 911 Carrera

On the outside, the restored Porsche 911 got a new coat of metallic silver paint to complement its iconic racing stripes. Chrome plating was added to the exterior mirrors and door handles for a little extra flair. It also received front turn signals, a new fender, hood, and set of bumpers.

The interior features plush seats with synthetic leather. Unlike a regular 911 fresh from the factory, this model retains many of its original racing elements. It has an authentic replica of the roll cage and thick harness belts. A Momo steering wheel, newly equipped with electric power steering, sits at the front of the car. 

The restored 911 also has 15-inch Fuchs wheels and an upgraded racing suspension, with polyurethane tie rod ends and mountings. Under its hood, it has a 3.6-liter flat-six engine, the one used for the 964-generation. Originally manufactured in the late ’80s, it makes 290 hp and 239 lb-ft of torque. 

The 911 racecar

While built with the body of a 1985 Carrera coupe, this car is actually inspired by the 911 Carrera RS. Produced in 1973, these cars were exclusively used on the race track. It featured a 210-hp engine that used fuel injection, bulky brakes, a rear spoiler, and wide racing tires. A few 911 RS cars made during this time even had 300-hp engines.

For the following year, the 911 RS would get a more powerful engine and a new braking system. It sold for the double the price of its predecessor, but drivers of this car were able to win several races. One RSR prototype made during this period also had the very first turbo engine manufactured by Porsche. 

The evolution of the Porsche 911

The first Porsche 911 made its debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 1963. This first model, kicking off the 356-generation, had a rear-mounted and air-cooled engine. 10 years later, the 911S and 911E models would be released, featuring more powerful fuel-injected engines. Around this time, the classic Carrera RS was manufactured and primarily used for racing. 

The 911 got a big makeover when the 964 version was released in 1989. It was the first Porsche to have all-wheel drive and an automatic transmission. 10 years later, the 996 was released, built on a totally new platform with a water-cooled engine. 

The 991, released in 2011, also saw some significant changes. It was built with more powerful steel construction, had a larger wheelbase, and active rear steering. The current generation, known as the 992, comes with the most powerful engines yet. The 911 GT3 RS can make up to 520 hp.

How long can a Porsche last?

Over the years, Porsche cars have been manufactured with increasingly better materials. This contributes to their high price tags, but it also means that the car will last for many years. While the 2020 model has not been rated, the Porsche 911 from 2018 has a top-notch reliability rating.