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While the BMW iX3 is an electric vehicle drivers can’t buy in the U.S., it has been relatively popular elsewhere. But due to a welding issue causing the EV to stop while driving unexpectedly, the Chinese government recalled the iX3. What kind of welding issues could trigger such a recall, and can the EV be fixed?

Is the BMW iX3 fully electric?

BMW iX3 electric vehicle recalled
BMW iX3 electric vehicle recalled | BMW

The BMW iX3 is a fully electric follow-up to the BMW i3, available exclusively in China. It hit the market and almost immediately received a redesign, which was an odd course of action. It is only offered with a single electric motor powering the rear wheels, which doesn’t give much power.

BMW Blog first reported this recall. According to the Chinese Government’s State Administration for Market Regulation, the lackluster BMW iX3 is being recalled due to inadequate welding. A total of 1,974 vehicles built between April 30 and August 27 of this year are being recalled. The bad welding job around the pins of the battery connectors has a major impact on the electric vehicle. This means the actual temperature and voltage numbers can be far off from what these parts are measuring. The BMW iX3 will go into battery system failure protection mode if the numbers get too far off.

The notice says, “a fault code or warning message will appear, and the power battery output will be cut off, causing the power to be interrupted while the vehicle is running, and there is a potential safety hazard.”

The Chinese Government has recalled the BMW iX3

The Chinese Government’s State Administration for Market Regulation recall says that BMW Brilliance Automotive Co., Ltd. will replace the power battery modeuls with welding defects. BMW will do this free of charge.

Unfortunately, the poor welding issue can cause the BMW iX3 electric vehicle to stop driving unexpectedly. The government is warning drivers to use caution while behind the wheel of the BMW iX3. “If the vehicle has a power interruption failure while driving, please stop at a safe place and contact the dealer,” the recall states.

It sounds like BMW will be notifying owners via mail and email sometime this week. There is also more available on Owners can enter the VIN to confirm whether or not the BMW iX3 is impacted or not.

This electric vehicle had big dreams but hasn’t quite achieved those dreams yet


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The BMW iX3 is also available in Europe, which means this recall could expand soon. BMW wanted to bring the iX3 to the U.S. but decided against it. It seems that based on the specs of the vehicle and the sloppy manufacturing, BMW honestly doesn’t believe in this electric vehicle.

In the official press release for the iX3, BMW calls it the “first BMW Sports Activity Vehicle with an all-electric drive system.” Seeing as only about 2,000 of these vehicles are impacted by the recall, there probably aren’t too many on the road yet. That, coupled with the fact that BMW redesigned the electric vehicle almost immediately, seems like the market might not be ready for this EV yet.