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Ready to own your own boat, but not sure where to start? There are tons of options available, depending on your needs, and a pontoon boat is one of the best. It has lots of features that make it perfect for families and can be fun if you just want to get out by yourself as well. 

How are pontoon boats different from other boats?

If you’re a boating pro, then you obviously know all about pontoon boats, deck boats, and all the other types of boats on the water, and can probably identify them all at a glance. For those of us new to the boating world, a pontoon boat simply sounds like one of those big ones that you can take out on the lake. Right? Close, but there’s obviously more to it than that.

According to the Pontoon Site, “A Pontoon boat is a watercraft that uses 2 or more rows of sealed tubes, called pontoons, for buoyancy. When connected together the pontoons form a multi-hull section that the deck area is built upon.”

The original pontoon boats were just a few barrels that were welded together, with a deck smashed in between. It made for some great fun, but it wasn’t exactly safe.

Since then, pontoon boats have evolved and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The type you get really depends on what your needs and wants are.

Are pontoon boats family friendly?

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There are several good reasons to buy a pontoon boat, especially if you have a family with small children. In fact, Better Boat came up with seven reasons why it was perfect for their crew.

The biggest reason is how much room the pontoon boat has. There is more than enough room for children to bounce about, and parents can relax instead of screaming at their kids to get away from the edge of the boat. The fact that it’s larger means that you can’t go quite as fast, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing if you have little ones on board. 

If you’re interested in taking a large crowd out, most pontoon boats can hold up to eleven people. They can all have a blast skiing or fishing. Once everyone has had their fill of fun, you can lay back and relax until it’s time to go back home to reality.

Boat maintenance is also cheaper and easier to deal with than other boats. While there is no way to avoid putting money into your boat, it’s a relief to know you aren’t going to have to haul it into a repair shop or hit the water yourself to DIY it after every use. Pontoons also tend to last longer, so once you invest in it, you’ll have it for years to come or until you decide to sell. 

Finally, pontoon boats have plenty of room on board. If you’re planning on staying on the water for a while, it’s nice to know you don’t have to decide what stays and what goes because it will all fit.

What are some of the latest models worth checking out?

The great thing about pontoon boats is that there are so many options out there. It’s not a one-size-fits-all, and you can be picky about what you want.

Boating Magazine has a ton of new boats to check out if you’re interested in buying a pontoon, depending on what you’re looking for.

For those who want luxurious seats and an explosive ride, the 2021 Silver Wave SW5 2410 JS Swingback is a great choice. There’s more than enough room for your gear, so you can focus on having a good time.

The Manitou Aurora LE is a good choice for anyone who is new to boating, or on a budget. It offers plenty of floor plans, and engine choices, so be sure to check out them all.

If you want to host large parties, and hit rougher waters, check out the 2021 Bennington 30 QXFWBA X2. It offers wrap-around seating which ensures that no one is left out of the fun.

There are tons of other options, of course, so depending on what you want, there is probably a pontoon that offers it. If buying new doesn’t appeal to you, there are also used pontoon boats as well. Just shop around and find what you want.


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