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Polydrops is known for its out-of-this-world designs. These camper trailers are unlike anything else on the road or trail. This teardrop overland camper trailer is basically the favorite of anyone who sees one. The aesthetic is arresting, and this new P17X Explorer may not be cheap, but compared to some of the bigger campers, the new Polydrops camper is pretty affordable. 

Polydrops P17X Explorer being towed behind SUV
Polydrops P17X Explorer | Polydrops

The Polydrops P17X Explorer is one badass overlanding camper trailer 

As noted by Gear Patrol, Polydrops’ motto is “Live anywhere,” which is pretty easy to imagine when you see this little space pod. The P17X Explorer is a four-season, weather-proof pod for two that is heavily insulated to keep you warm or cool, depending on the weather. 

This overland camper trailer runs off solar power using 260-watt solar panels and a 12-kWh battery setup; the batteries power an electric climate control system with a 5,000-BTU air conditioner, heater, and ventilation function. 

Like the Rivian R1T, the Polydrops Explorer has a deployable kitchen that is completely powered by electricity. It features a double-induction cooktop and a 45-liter fridge/freezer combo. There’s a 12-volt motor pump faucet with a six-gallon freshwater tank and 110-volt outlets for powering other kitchen gadgets. 

For extra storage in the tiny overlanding camper, there are cubbies and gear holds inside, but the top features a roof rack ready for action. There is also an awning and four-gallon outdoor shower. 

Is this tiny overland camper really able to handle the trail? 

Polydrops P17X Explorer kitchenette | Polydrops
Polydrops P17X Explorer kitchenette | Polydrops

That’s the idea. The Polydrops P17X Explorer is set up with 29-inch all-terrain tires. The tires paired with the Timbren independent suspension give the tiny camper an impressive ground clearance of 15 inches. 

While this tiny camper may seem too small for many campers, the size is a huge benefit when it comes to getting into the backcountry. The bigger, more expensive trailers like Airstream, Jayco, and others are far too big to hit the trails. The Explorer is a tiny overlanding camper, but given the task of overlanding, the size is a strength. 

How much does the Polydrops P17X Explorer cost? 

Interior shot of the Polydrops Explorer camper
Polydrops P17X Explorer cabin | Polydrops

What’s the Average Cost of a Camper Van?

The Explorer isn’t cheap, per se, but it is not that bad compared to big dogs. This new tiny camper starts at $34,990. Granted, that is more than the standard Polydrops camper, but compared to Airstream or damn near any overland camper van or truck, the Polydrops is well within the realm of possibilities. It is not uncommon to see overlanding rigs fetch well north of $100,000. With that in mind, the new Polydrops P17X Explorer is a fairly modest sum. 

No, the Polydrops isn’t the most luxurious camper on the market. Still, for the low barrier for entry, it allows more people to use their daily driver to become an overlanding rig without sacrificing and driving capabilities or massive conversion costs. 

If the Polydrops has you jonesing for some of that sweet wilderness lifestyle, the camper company is currently taking reservations on the 2022 Explorer for a fully-refundable $1,000 downpayment. You can find more information at the Polydrops website.