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The Polestar 6 isn’t due for launch until 2026, but it’s already generating a lot of excitement. In March of 2022, Polestar, the Swedish electric car company, revealed the upcoming electric roadster to the interested public. Polestar CEO, Thomas Ingenlath, stated that the Polestar 6 is to be the perfect combination of the thrill of fresh air and powerful electric performance. Let’s go over everything we know so far about Polestar’s electric roadster concept car.

What is a roadster anyway?

A roadster is a sporty car with an open top and only two seats. These types of cars also have a fabric or metal folding roof. Many people confuse roadsters for convertibles, and the fact that there aren’t any comprehensive classification rules for car body styles doesn’t help much. A convertible is a passenger car that has a roof that you can draw back and has four seats and two doors.

Polestar 6 specs

A light blue Polestar 6 roadster parked against a dark blue wall
Polestar 6 | Polestar

While Polestar hasn’t released engine specifications for the Polestar 6, according to the automaker, the Polestar 6 will have an estimated range of over 300 miles with a targeted top speed of 155 mph. It should have the capability of taking only 3.1 seconds to go from 0 mph to 60 mph, too, and will have 884 horsepower with an 800-volt electric architecture, as well as a dual motor powertrain.

What we do know for certain is that the Polestar 6 will have custom-designed 21″ alloy wheels, which provide the roadster with quicker acceleration and stopping power as they weigh less. Less weight also means that the suspension components experience less strain. Alloy wheels also help dissipate heat away from the brake components quicker, preventing them from glazing over and squealing when you’re trying to stop.

Polestar 6 design

The Polestar 6’s attractive look is influenced by aerospace design for both function and appeal. The car’s shape improves aerodynamics, but you won’t see any spoilers on the car. Instead, you’ll find aero ducts in the rear lights and in the wheel arches that double as air blades to provide venting for the battery packs. The designers chose a bonded unibody made from different grades of anodized aluminum, which enhances the performance and allows for more flexibility in the car’s design while making the car incredibly light and responsive.

Another exciting aspect of the Polestar 6 is that the car is recyclable, either recycled back to its original quality or downcycled. The car’s body has labeled aluminum grades, which means they can be recycled together and remade, too. 

Polestar 6 Features


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The Polestar 6 will feature sustainable material innovations throughout, including woven flax composite panels, 3D knit upholstery, and highly recyclable thermoplastic. The car will also feature a portrait-style touchscreen and an infotainment system that will adapt to the driver’s movements. The designers state that the car will also come with advanced driver-assist features and a digital driver’s display.

Even though the car isn’t anywhere near its launch, the Polestar 6 is already setting an example of how cars can be; recyclable, electric, and eco-friendly. The car’s MSRP price is expected to start at $200,000, putting it outside the affordability range for many people; other car makers will take note of the design and features and possibly implement them into their more affordable vehicles.