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A little clarification is in order. While this is the convertible used in the 1995 movie Tommy Boy starring David Spade and Chris Farley, it is not the only one. The production company used multiple 1967 Plymouth convertible GTXs. Actually, it even used a full-size 1967 Plymouth convertible for the deer scene.

Mecum, who is auctioning this one-off, says this is one of the stunt cars used the most in the filming. As such, it is also the most abused of the bunch. And there is still more clarification necessary.

This is one of several “Tommy Boy” Plymouth convertibles

Tommy Boy Plymouth GTX
The movie “Tommy Boy” with Richard’s car, a 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX convertible | Getty

This really isn’t a GTX. It is a real 1967 Plymouth convertible, but it is a Satellite. The GTX was the highest rung of the Satellite model. It was a highly-optioned Satellite. So the production company got what it could get and then added GTX badges and cues in the way that Hollywood does its magic. 

As such, it was a much easier vehicle for the car wranglers to corral multiple versions of. In reality, 1967 GTX convertibles are really rare. But it is good in a way that they didn’t tear up actual 1967 GTX convertibles. 

“Tommy Boy” wasn’t the only famous casting for this particular Plymouth

Tommy Boy Plymouth GTX convertible being auctioned
Tommy Boy 1967 Plymouth GTX convertible | Mecum

And Tommy Boy wasn’t the only famous casting for this particular Plymouth. It was also used in Katy Perry’s music video “Teenage Dream.” Actually, the GTX made it into a number of unnamed TV series and music videos during its heyday.  

But its most famous appearance was in Tommy Boy, where Richard beats the crap out of the GTX. Among the many rough scenes is one where a wild buck gets into the back seat. When the boys realize it is there it proceeds to break the windshield and convertible top. At some point, it also loses its hood as merriment abounds.

Beyond movie and video appearances, the GTX is famous in other realms

Chrils Farley in Tommy boy GTX
Chris Farley and David Spade in Tommy Boy | Getty

The actual Satellite boasts a 383 ci V8 labeled as a 440 ci. Backed by an automatic transmission, it features white-letter BFG tires on classic Cragar SS mag wheels. Beyond the movie and video appearances, it is famous in other realms, too.

There have been die-cast versions of the GTX including a Hot Wheels replica. And it was featured in the May 2020 issue of the Mopar Collectors Guide. So as beat as its present condition is there is a following for it representing different enthusiast categories. It may not be as famous as Steve McQueen’s Bullitt Mustang or Sean Connery’s Aston Martin, but it is a widely recognized movie car nonetheless. 

The Mecum auction is May 14-22, 2021, in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Chris Farley screaming while driving GTX convertible
The movie “Tommy Boy”, directed by Peter Segal. Seen here, Chris Farley as Tommy Callahan. | CBS via Getty Images