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Shoppers who are considering a new supercar will surely look toward a Ferrari. Since 1940, Ferrari has prided itself on building and offering some of the most unique and well-rounded luxury models. Whether shoppers were simply looking for something with the utmost performance or something otherworldly luxury, a new Ferrari is among the best choices imaginable. With Ferrari’s announcement of shifting to EV and hybrid models, the brand is committing to creating truly unique upcoming models.

A unique selection of models for any shopper

Ferrari is a legendary automaker with a long commitment to building unique cars. Every year the brand works to create cars that exemplify luxury and performance. As it has shifted to both EVs and hybrid models, the potential for more unique models has never been higher. At Ferrari Capital Market Day on June 16th, Ferrari aimed to explain the brand’s plans for the upcoming years. One of the most exciting prospects was the commitment to creating even more unique and exciting cars. Ferrari wants drivers to be able to look to the brand for all of their automotive needs. 

With this announcement, the big news was that between 2022-2026, the brand will offer a new tier of models. Aside from providing the regular Ferrari models, drivers will also be able to shop for models that will fall under the Icona and Supercar, which should be far more limited, about 5% of the total sales. Additionally, shoppers could consider a Ferrari from the Special series, representing about 10% of total sales. This new strategy will apply to the upcoming Ferrari Purosangue, the brand’s first SUV. Furthermore, during this period, enthusiasts can also expect a new Supercar. 

A variety of models for any shopper

A red Ferrari SUV concept.
The Ferrari SUV | Ferrari

Because Ferrari is aiming for nearly 80% of sales to be hybrid or electric by 2030, these models are sure to be special. Firstly, Ferrari will still allow shoppers to enjoy models with internal combustion engines, ICE. Despite the shift toward EVs and hybrid models, Ferrari understands that there is no replacement for displacement. There will still be an incredible chance to enjoy one of the handbuilt engines that Ferrari has popularized.

Ferrari will also continue to invest in plug-in hybrid models which can offer outstanding performance and better efficiency. Ferrari is already working hard on hybrid drivetrains, thanks to models like the Ferrari 296 GTB and Ferrari SF90 Stradale. In just a few short years, these hybrid models could easily surpass the performance of the handbuilt V10 and V12 engines the brands specializes in. 

Finally, Ferrari is investing heavily in the world of electric cars and will put performance-focused electric motors and batteries in future models. This will allow Ferrari to create unique electric supercars with outstanding performance and the Italian luxury you expect. 

With three different powertrain options, Ferrari will surely take building unique cars to a whole new level.

A new sense of driving enjoyment

a red ferrari sf90 stradale, a stunning plug in hybrid that is a pleasure to drive
The Ferrari SF90 Stradale; A Plug-In Hybrid Ferrari | Martyn Lucy via Getty Images

In addition to offering driving the chance to enjoy three different powertrains, Ferrari will help drivers experience new driving emotions. As the automotive world evolves, Ferrari knows it is essential to have cars where the performance is at the center of the experience. Furthermore, there will be an added level of connectivity to future models that will ensure drivers enjoy any road.

Get ready to enjoy a Ferrari in a whole new way

the ferrari prancing horse logo which will soon be found on evs and hybrid models, as well as more unique ferrari models
The Ferrari Prancing Horse | Marco Bertorello via Getty Images

As Ferrari steps into the future of the automotive industry, the commitment to EV and hybrid powertrains will be a monumental shift. Ferrari is ready to take the industry by storm, and I, for one, can’t wait to see what the brand’s future is all about.


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