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Pickup trucks are the most popular type of vehicles in the USA. People across the country love their trucks, which makes sense. After all, pickup trucks are versatile, rugged, and can still carry a family in style and safety. Still, trucks are more popular in some states than others. And despite its image of pickup trucks, Texas is not the number one state for them: it’s Wyoming. Here’s how many people in the great state of Wyoming are driving trucks, compared to the rest of the USA.

Orange Toyota Tundra TRD Pro truck racing through the desert.
2022 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro | Toyota

Pickup trucks are incredibly popular in Wyoming, more than in any other state in the USA. With 37.6% of vehicles on the road in Wyoming being trucks, it has a comfortable lead over the second state on iSeeCars list, Montana. Montana also has a respectable number of trucks, with 34.2% of all vehicles being pickup trucks.

So what makes pickup trucks so popular in Wyoming? iSeeCars says that Wyoming is called “the Cowboy State,” and points to its “unpaved roads, rugged terrain, and harsh winters” as reasons why the western state may have such a high ratio of trucks compared to the rest of the country.

Pickup trucks dominate the USA

Overall, iSeeCars’ research found that 16.2% of all vehicles in the USA are pickup trucks, meaning states like Wyoming and Montana are bringing up the average from states where there are the fewest trucks, like New Jersey (8%) and Connecticut (10.4%).

There are a few reasons why pickup trucks may be more popular in some states than in others. For example, the states where pickup trucks are the most popular – Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Idaho, and Alaska – all have the kind of terrain which are easier to navigate in something like a pickup truck over something small, like a car.

Texas has the highest volume of pickup trucks

When people think of states and pickup trucks, Texas may be the first state that comes to mind. That’s because it has the image of being a particularly truck-friendly state. Although it may not have the highest percentage of trucks on the road, there’s still a very good reason for that image – it does have the highest volume of pickup trucks. Still, it ranks number 25 for overall trucks on the road, at 19.2%.

Other states which people might think of as having a higher number of pickup trucks than average include Florida, Delaware, and Illinois. Yet these states have some of the lowest number of pickup trucks on the roads, at 13.7%, 13.6%, and 12.9% respectively. Why is that? Their flat terrain makes pickup trucks not as necessary as in other, more mountainous states.

Pickup trucks will continue to be some of the most popular vehicles in the USA because of their versatility. In mountainous states like Wyoming, it’s likely that the share of pickup trucks will always remain high, since they can be so necessary. Even as electric vehicles become more common, it’s likely that electric pickup trucks will begin to dominate in these states as well.


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