Pickup Truck Literally Rams Wisconsin Home’s Roof

Normally, a Dukes of Hazzard-style jump is greeted with jubilant cries of “Send it!” However, after one recent attempt, the community of Beloit, Wisconsin is happy for another reason. Resident Joseph Nyre was watching a football game in his heated garage when a pickup truck came through the roof. But it wasn’t the Duke Boys at it again.

Ram 1500 Flies into Roof

Ram 1500 extracted from roof
Ram 1500 extracted from roof | Reddit (Ein_The_Pup)

Reported first by the Beloit Daily News and Channel 3000, and later on Motor1, the incident took place the evening of October 12th. The photos shown here come from Reddit user Ein_The_Pup, who gave us permission to share them.

Allegedly, the Ram 1500 was being driven by 37-year-old Pieter Bruner. Pieter, like Joe, is a Beloit area resident. However, Pieter apparently forgot he lived in Wisconsin and instead thought he was in GTA’s San Andreas. And that he was playing a mission for style points.

A witness reported seeing the truck speeding down the road before abruptly leaving it. The driver then hit a water-retaining ditch, which acted as a launch ramp. The jump point is marked by the bare patch on the grass.

What Happened Afterward

Once Joe got over the shock of a truck crunching through his man cave roof, he told his wife to call 911. Then, he asked the driver if he was OK. Apart from being very disoriented—understandable, given that he just crashed into a roof—the driver appeared unhurt. In fact, despite how scary this incident was, everyone walked away uninjured. Joe’s wife, Delores, and their dog were both outside of the garage. Joe was only a few feet away from the crash site.

Besides the broken roof, the only damage was to Delores’ Audi convertible. The Ram had ended its flight right on top of it. Joe apparently had to help Pieter out of the truck, as it was resting at such a steep angle.

The Aftermath

First responders extracting Ram 1500 from roof
First responders extracting Ram 1500 from roof | Reddit (Ein_The_Pup)

Police and firefighters were able to extract the truck from Joe’s roof once they made sure everyone was alright. Pieter was then taken into custody.

It’s still unclear exactly why Pieter was speeding and driving so recklessly. Intoxication is the most probable cause, but the lab test results aren’t back yet. According to the Beloit Daily News, this isn’t the first time Pieter’s done something like this. His arrest record includes operating a motor vehicle under the influence (multiple times), reckless driving, and possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana.

Repairing the Nyres’ garage and roof won’t be cheap. But the good news is, no one got hurt. Drugs and driving don’t mix, folks. This could’ve ended a whole lot worse.